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Quest Nutrition Protein Bar

Quest Nutrition Protein Bars are very popular protein bars with very balanced macronutrient content. They come in numerous flavors, several package sizes, sweetened or not with stevia and they taste like candy.

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Some of the available flavors include: Apple Pie, Chocolate Brownie, Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough, Cookies and Cream, Mint Chocolate Chunk, Mixed Berry Bliss, Peanut Butter & Jelly, Peanut Butter Supreme, Pumpkin Pie, S'Mores, Vanilla Almond Crunch, White Chocolate Raspberry.

Macronutrient content slightly varies between flavors, but generally it is very similar.

60g Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough bar contains 21g of protein, 21g of total carbs (17g of dietary fiber, 1g of sugars, 1g of erythritol), 8g of total fats (3g of saturated fats, 0g of trans fats), with only 5 mg of cholesterol. It also contains 280 mg of sodium and 125 mg of potassium, with some other vitamins and minerals in smaller quantities.

Total calories of a single bar - 190 kcal.

Main protein sources are whey protein isolate and milk protein isolate - protein blend is good enough to supply body for 2-3 hours with required protein and energy.

Note on fibers and sugar alcohol erythritol: very high content of fibers is due to Isomaltooligosaccharides (Prebiotic Fiber) and even if you are not used to higher fiber intake, these fibers usually don't cause any stomach discomfort. However, various sugar alcohols can cause stomach issues if taken in doses of 80-120g per day. Quest Nutrition protein bars have very low amount of erythritol - around 1g per single bar.

For people having issues with allergies and similar - these protein bars contain milk and nuts, but they are soy and gluten free.

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Quest Nutrition Quest Bars are available as single bar package, 12 bars package of a single flavor or as variety pack.

Recommendation: for occasional treat, even on calorie restricted diet, feel free. Unfortunately, these bars are so good that sometimes it is hard not to eat them, even if one has other foods available - they are very addictive :)

For more reviews and recommendations, feel free to check Quest Nutrition Protein Bar Amazon link (link opens in the new window).

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