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Labrada Nutrition ElastiJoint

LABRADA ElastiJoint is joint support supplement in powdered form. This is one of the best joint support supplements on the market. It comes with nice price tag, but gram for gram, it is well worth every (euro)cent.labrada elastijoint1

LABRADA ElastiJoint Ingredients

LABRADA ElastiJoint comes as powder in a plastic tub/container. Most of the joint support supplements come in the form of pills and tablets with much smaller amounts of active ingredients. One serving of LABRADA ElastiJoint contains 2000mg MSM, 1500mg Glucosamine, 1200mg Chondroitin and 5000mg Gelatin.

Also, there is 1g of vitamin C in each serving of Labrada ElastiJoint - vitamin C is very important for normal functioning of human body and plays key role in many metabolic processes - it also act as an inflammatory agent, antioxidant, support immune system, help heeling and regeneration of various tissues etc. Also, vitamin C is water soluble vitamin, so any excess amount is easily removed from the body.

So, one 350g container has around 28 servings (12.5 pro serving).

On the container, there are several allergy warnings for people who are allergic to shrimps, shellfish and similar critters, so be careful if you are one of them.

LABRADA ElastiJoint Review

In my personal opinion, this is one of the best supplements for joints. It is great combination of necessary components to promote joint repair. But it is not near good as some sites suggests – when one starts to drink ElastiJoint, it takes some time before results can be seen – often weeks, and even that is great accomplishment – all joint supplements work this way. Taking larger doses of Omega-3 fatty acids and zinc supplements also helps.

Often, I take ElastiJoint for a month (one container), then off for one month, and then again ElastiJoint for one month (that is, one container). All the time, I try to consume daily at least 2-4g of Omega-3 fatty acids and some supplement that contains zinc. During summer I try to swim in sea as much as possible (I swim and dive during other seasons, but I have diving suite on me) - swimming in the sea can also be very beneficial for joints. Anyway, my joints are much happier since I am taking ElastiJoint and similar products.

When I take ElastiJoint, I don't put C vitamin in PWM, because each serving of ElastiJoint has ~1g of C vitamin.

ElastiJoint doesn't mix well. One should use mildly warm water first and use some small hand blender or shaker to stir/mix it well. Then add some cold water or ice. Taste is ok, but often there are some lumps in the shaker and in the foam left – adding more water to drink the rest of the stuff is ok, although the taste then tends to be little bit bitter ... Taste in general is not something to die for, but it is acceptable :o)

LABRADA ElastiJoint Recommendation

 LABRADA ElastiJoint - highly recommended for anyone having problems with joints or anybody wanting to prevent joint problems. This is not cheap supplement, but if you check the labels, you will see that price per gram of powder and per gram of ingredients is more than acceptable. If you are engaged in sports that involve plenty of kicking, punching, running on various surfaces, jumping and similar, few tubs of LABRADA ElastiJoint per year can make great differences in the long run. One of my favorite supplements in general.

For more reviews and recommendations, feel free to check Labrada Nutrition ElastiJoint Amazon link (link opens in the new window).

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