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Labrada ISO LeanPro

Labrada ISO LeanPro is high quality whey protein supplement based on pure whey protein isolate. One of the best whey supplements in its class.labrada iso lean pro

Unlike many other similar supplements, ISO LeanPro comes in several flavors: Strawberry, Vanilla and Chocolate.

Macronutrient content slightly vary between flavors: Strawberry and Vanilla have around 80g of protein, no carbs and around 3g of fats per 100g of powder, while Chocolate has around 78g of protein, 3g of carbs and 3g of fats per 100g of powder.

It comes only in 2.3 kg (5 pounds) containers.

Powder mixes almost instantly in shaker, with almost no foam and even that foam disappears quickly.

All flavors have superb taste - and nothing else was expected from Labrada. Vanilla and Strawberry taste like soft milk shake, while chocolate, in Post Workout Meal (PWM) shake with some fast carbs, taste like delicacy.

Note: I was told that I am little bit biased regarding chocolate flavors in general, so ... :)

Labrada ISO LeanPro should be used only for PWM shakes. Due to its purity (pure cross flow microfiltered whey protein isolate) it is not good for meals, not even for breakfasts when it is slowed down with other foods, like oats and similar. If you are making some fruit or similar smoothie and you are adding low fat and/or cottage cheese, then you can use LeanPro to increase protein content and enrich the flavor, but in such cases, whey protein blends (or even better, some MRPs) are recommended.

Price - price is OK. This is Labrada and as usual with Labrada, what you pay is what you get. LeanPro is more expensive than whey protein blends based on whey protein concentrate, but they are totally different in composition.

Recommendation - highly recommended as whey supplement for PWMs. It has no lactose, no gluten, no carbs (at least Vanilla and Strawberry flavors), very low on fats, pure whey protein isolate, rich in BCAA etc. Therefore, if you have issues with lactose (lactose intolerance) and/or gluten, or you are on low carb (Keto) diet and/or you are simply looking for great whey protein supplement, then Labrada ISO LeanPro is supplement to consider. It is more expensive than whey protein blends, but that is expected, of course. Again, don't use it for daily meals or breakfasts, it is simply too fast for that...

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