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Stuffed Beef Recipe

stuffed-beef-mStuffed beef recipes are one of my favorite cheat meals. It takes some time to prepare them, but taste and fragrance are delicious.

Procedure is simple and straightforward, but as I said, it takes some time.

I will stuff meat with hard boiled eggs and make spinach side dish. Good thing about stuffed meat is that you can vary amounts of used liquids while braising the meat, so that in the end you can have nice stew or simple second side dish.

stuffed beef recipeTake three beef or veal steaks around 2-3 cm (one inch) thick. Veal is cooked faster and meat is more tender, while beef is more tastier - at least for me. I am not making this kind of meal very often, so cooking time is not an issue.

Three beef steaks have around 1.5kg (3 pounds) of meat.

stuffed-beef-2To stuff each steak, I am going to use two eggs per steak. That is total of six eggs - I never had problems with this kind of math :)

stuffed beef recipeWhile eggs are boiling, I am going to prepare vegetables/herbs for braising:

- onions
- garlic
- carrot
- celery and parsley
- zucchini

It is good practice to chop everything before you start to cook - this way you will be able to do everything on time.

stuffed beef recipe

Put the meat on the wooden kitchen board.

If you are right handed, put your left palm on the meat, gently press and using large, flat and sharp knife, make a slice through the middle of the steak.

It takes some practice, but ...

stuffed beef recipe

To illustrate how deep cut must be - knife on the steak.

Remember, you have to make enough big cut to be able to stuff two eggs inside of the steak.

stuffed beef recipe

Put spices on meat - salt, pepper etc. Be sure to put some of that inside of steak, too.

stuffed beef recipe

Meat is seasoned.

If you have time, try to marinate meat evening before - it will have even better taste.

Also, if you prefer more tender meat, using kitchen hammer soften the meat a little bit.


It is time to stuff the meat with eggs.

Be careful about number of used toothpicks - you don't want to lose them 'somewhere around' :)

stuffed beef recipe

Two eggs are in the steak. If you prefer, you can also put some smoked bacon inside.

stuffed beef recipe

All three steaks are stuffed and closed with toothpicks.

You can also use sewing thread to stitch the meat. Toothpicks are much more simpler and quicker ...

stuffed beef recipe

Put (only) two tablespoons of oil into the cooking pot - 30g of oil is more than enough for 1.5kg of meat.

stuffed beef recipePut onions and garlic,
stuffed beef recipecarrots,

stuffed beef recipeand two leaves of laurel.


Mix everything and let it cook for minute or two.

Heat should be at medium, at most.

stuffed beef recipePut steaks in the pot.

stuffed beef recipeAdd some good white wine.

I prefer white wine, but many people use red wine for beef. Use what ever you prefer.

stuffed beef recipe

Add celery and parsley,


stuffed beef recipe

add zucchini,

stuffed beef recipe

and some strained, crushed tomatoes.

If you have fresh tomatoes, peel them off, cut them to smaller pieces and add to the pot.

stuffed beef recipeAdd some water, but not much.

Increase the heat, until liquid starts to boil and than decrese the heat to medium.

stuffed beef recipeMeat is being cooked. For first half an hour don't stir the meat, just shake the pot. After that, you can flip the meat every 15-20 minutes.

Veal is cooked after an hour, and beef after 90-120 minutes, depending how tender you want your meat to be.

While meat is cooking, lets make some spinach.

stuffed beef recipe

Clean your spinach thoroughly with plenty of water.

stuffed beef recipe

Two kilograms of spinach is good measure for three steaks.
Also, I like to prepare my spinach with onions - just one small one is enough.

stuffed beef recipeSalted water is boiling - add spinach.
stuffed beef recipe

When you gradually add spinach to the boiling water, two kilograms can fit in rather small pot.

stuffed beef recipe

After few minutes, spinach is done.

stuffed beef recipe

Using strainer separate spinach from the water. Also, I cut my onion to larger chunks when cooked with spinach - I like it that way and if someone don't like onions in spinach, it is easily removed.

stuffed beef recipe

After some 90 minutes, meat is done.

Turn off the heat and let it settle for some 20-30 minutes.

Than, take the meat out of the pot and remove the toothpicks - toothpicks must be all present, otherwise ... :)

I like to slice the meat over it's length - this way eggs whites and egg yolks are clearly visible.

stuffed beef recipe

Serve the meat with spinach and cooked vegetables.

Instead of spinach, you can serve boiled potatoes and/or rice - you can than add more liquid to the meat while cooking and make classic meat stew.

If you are going to make meat stew, as I said before, add more water or good wine to the pot while cooking.

To make stew more dense, add more zucchinis - they will liquefy very fast and after meal is done, they will give it really nice consistency without much additional calories. Also, adding some barely (up to 100g) during cooking gives nice taste and aroma.

Nutritional values and calories in stuffed beef - I don't know exactly, but if you make this meal for six persons (yeah, right :) ), than each person will consume around 250g of beef, one egg (60g), 350g of spinach, 50g of carrots, 50g of onions, 5g of oil and some spices and little bit of other vegetables. With this meal one also can eat some bread and drink a glass of wine.

That would be around 70-80g of protein, 60-100g of carbohydrates (bread dependent), 20g of fats, some 15-20g of fibers. Rest depends on what you drink - wine, coke or plain water.

Enjoy this meal, it looks great and tastes even better.

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