Mediterranean Diet 101

Steamed Mussels and Broccoli

Steamed mussels and broccoli is one of the healthiest meals around, very fulfilling and it is made quickly and easily.

Steamed frozen mussels have taste almost as good as fresh ones - but frozen mussels are available all year long in the nearest supermarket, while fresh mussels are sometimes hard to find.

Calories in steamed mussels come from animal protein, simple carbs (yes, mussels have carbs) and good fats.

As vegetable for this meal, I have chosen, as many times before - frozen broccoli. Nutritional value of steamed broccoli mostly comes from complex carbs.

Preparing this meal is very simple and it is very similar to preparing other steamed food.

Steamed Mussels and BroccoliPut the bag of frozen broccoli in steamer.
Steamed Mussels and BroccoliAdd frozen mussels.
Steamed Mussels and BroccoliFlush the vegetables and mussels with hot water - it will cook much faster.

Steamed Mussels and BroccoliBefore steaming add little bit of salt and other spices according to your preferences.

Just be careful - steamed food have stronger taste than for example boiled.

Put the lid on and steam for about 20 minutes.

Steamed Mussels and BroccoliSteamed mussels and broccoli is finished.
Steamed Mussels and BroccoliServe the meal on plate while warm. Add a tablespoon of olive oil to enhance flavor and taste.

Nutrition data of this meal, without olive oil:

Food Amount Protein Carbs Fats Fibers
Mussels 300g 36g 11g 7g 0g
Broccoli 400g 11g 26g 2g 10g
Total: 47g 37g 9g 10g
Calories: 188 kcal 148 kcal 81 kcal -

Total ~ 420 kcal, mostly from protein and carbs. This meal has only 9 grams of fat - 1.4g of that fat is omega-3 from mussels.

If you add a tablespoon of olive oil, that this meal has:

Food Amount Protein Carbs Fats Fibers
Mussels 300g 36g 11g 7g 0g
Broccoli 400g 11g 26g 2g 10g
Olive Oil 15g 0g 0g 15g  
Total: 47g 37g 24g 10g
Calories: 188 kcal 148 kcal 216 kcal -

Total ~ 550 kcal.

With or without olive oil, this is very satiating meal. With olive oil, calories and fat content is increased, but also taste and flavor. If you don't like that much oil, put just a half of tablespoon of olive oil - it is very hard to notice even whole tablespoon of olive oil in this meal. If you have olive oil on the bottom of the plate, but you mixed mussels and broccoli with oil, than you have put far too much oil ...

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