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Simple Raspberry, Strawberry Casein Protein Smoothie

Raspberries and strawberries can be used to make protein smoothie with low glycemic load, a smoothie which digests slowly and feeds the body with nutrients for a longer period of time.

Although protein powders are not part of traditional Mediterranean diet, they can help one to make healthy meals quickly and easily.

raspberry casein smoothie 1Raspberries and strawberries are best freshly picked from the home garden, but they are also good frozen, especially for making fruity ice creams during hot summer days.

So, put your berries into the tall pot - pot must be tall enough to prevent berry droplets from making a mess when being blended, but the pot should not prevent one from thoroughly blending the ingredients.

Casein protein powder is excellent supplement for making slowly digesting meals, including daily snacks and smoothies and especially, bedtime protein smoothies.

Under normal circumstances, it takes almost 8 hours for body to digest the casein protein. And when it is combined with healthy fruits and veggies, it creates full, balanced meals.

raspberry casein smoothie 2

Of course, low fat and/or cottage cheese is recommended instead of casein protein powders. But, replacing the cheese with powder is recommended option in many situations - when there are no cheese (obviously!), avoiding lactose, being on a strict diet and similar.

Note: not all casein protein powders are lactose free, but some of them that do contain lactose, also contain enzyme lactase, which helps in lactose digestion.

For this recipe, I have used Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard 100% Casein protein powder, Vanilla flavor.

raspberry casein smoothie 3So, after berries, add some casein powder, add little bit of water and using hand blender, mix everything.

If the berries were frozen, feel free to leave the smoothie in the fridge for 30 minutes - it will quickly get fruity ice cream consistency.

raspberry casein smoothie 4Or, you can pour your smoothie in the glass, add some dark chocolate chips and enjoy your smoothie.

Nutritional content depends on the used ingredients and their amounts, but generally, smoothies like these are balanced sources of protein and complex carbs, with some fats.

Also, smoothie like this one can provide up to one third or even half of a required daily fibers.

Long story short - while casein protein powder feeds the body with constant stream of amino acids for almost 8 hours, berries are excellent source of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and other beneficial compounds.

And the dark chocolate, it is not just a decoration ...

Bone Appetite!

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