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Schnitzels Recipe - Veal Schnitzels

Veal schnitzels recipe is simple and tasty meal to make. Packed with animal protein, mineral and vitamins with veggies as side dish, represent full and balanced meal for every occasion - daily meal, bed time meal, last solid meal before workout, first solid meal after workout etc

There are many veal schnitzel recipes - classic schnitzels have more calories than meat itself - they are made with eggs, flour and bread crumbles and fried in oil - plenty of oil. We want to avoid that, but also we want to enjoy this meal.


Take one good lean cut of veal meat.


Using sharp knife remove any visible fat.

veal-schnitzel-2 Cut the meat to schnitzels, maybe half cm thick (around 0.2").
veal-schnitzel-3 Add some salt, pepper, maybe just a little bit of dried parsley.
veal-schnitzel-4 Take one garlic clove and ...
veal-schnitzel-5 ... squeeze it on meat. You can put more garlic if you want or other seasonings you like.

Now, put plastic foil over meat - imho, small plastic bags for freezer are best - and using kitchen hammer beat the meat - gently.


Using kitchen hammer after seasoning makes meat even tastier and tenderer. It is enough to put seasoning only on one side. Also, if you cut meat enough thin, beat it only on seasoned side.


Put the meat on the plate. If you have time, leave the meat couple of hours in the fridge - it will be even tastier.


Note: garlic can change color if in contact with raw meat for some time, it is normal, no worries about that.


Heat non-stick frying pan and add some oil - even half of tablespoon is enough, or use some non-stick frying sprey. If you use realy good non-stick frying pan, you don't have to add anything, but small amount of oil makes meat tenderer and better tasting.


Put meat on the pan, fry it 5-6 minutes on one side, than ...


... 5-6 minutes on the other side. During frying, meat will release moisture.


Fry until meat gets golden-brown color.


Put the meat on the plate and serve warm with some side dish, for example mashed cauliflower and peas. For better taste, add few drops of lemon on meat.


Enjoy ....

Nutrition data of this meal:

Food Amount Protein Carbs Fats Fibers
Veal 200g 40g 0g 5g 0g
Cauliflower 300g 8g 8g 1g 9g
Peas 100g 5g 15g 1g 5g
Oil 8g 0g 0g 8g 0g
Total: 53g 23g 15g 14g
Calories: 212 kcal 92 kcal 135 kcal -

This meal has around 440 kcal. Most calories come from protein and some from fats and carbs. It has 14g of fibers which is in most cases half of recommended daily minimum amount of fibers.This is great meal even if you cycle carbs or if you need cheat meal on a diet. If you need more calories, add some olive oil to mashed cauliflower and peas - one tablespoon of oil has 15g of fat - additional 135 kcal. Or if you want more carbs, eat your schnitzels with potato salad.

If you want less calories, don't use oil when frying and if you are on a keto diet don't add peas to mashed cauliflower:

Food Amount Protein Carbs Fats Fibers
Veal 200g 40g 0g 5g 0g
Cauliflower 300g 8g 8g 1g 9g
Total: 48g 8g 6g 9g
Calories: 192 kcal 32 kcal 54 kcal -

This meal has only 280 kcal, mostly from protein. It has 9 grams of fibers which is around third of recommended daily minimum amount of fibers. This is acceptable meal even if you are on keto diet (if on keto - feel free to add more fats).

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