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Sauteed Halibut Fillets

sauteed-halibut-fillets-1Sauteed halibut fillets are great tasting fish meal, high in vitamin D. Just like halibut fillets, one can prepare other fish fillets using this method.

Halibut fillets can be found year long, fresh or frozen. Of course, fresh are better.

Regardless if fresh or frozen, wash fillets with cold water, dry them and put them on kitchen board.

Put some salt and pepper on them. If you like, add other herbs and spices that you like.

Preheat non-stick pan and add just a tablespoon of olive oil. This will prevent food from sticking and more importantly, it will improve taste and aroma of the fish and vegetables.

sauteed halibut fillets

Zucchinis are great vegetables for various meals - they can be easily prepared and they taste great.

To improve their taste, they are prepared in the same pan with fish, so that they acquire even more taste.

Depending on the thickens of halibut fillets, saute them 3-4 minutes on each side.

When fish and vegetables are done, put them on the plate and serve warm.

sauteed halibut fillets with zucchinis and polenta

Halibut fillets are served with zucchinis and polenta. If you feel like it, serve a slice of whole grain bread and a glass of good wine. Few drops of lemon and some minced garlic can be added on top of the fish, too.

Bone Appetite! :)

Halibut Fillets Nutritional Value

Halibut is great source of vitamin D with almost 1100 IU of vitamin D per 100g of fish meat.

Single serving of 250g halibut meat has around 2750 IU of vitamin D, around 37g of protein and 35g of healthy fish fats.

And it tastes great :)

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