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Salmon and Norway Lobster Mixed Stew

Salmon and Norway lobster mixed stew is not the quickest meal to make, but it is very tasty and rich in vitamin D, healthy fatty acids and other beneficial nutrients.

salmon and norway lobster fish stewPut suitable pot on medium heat, add a tablespoon of olive oil, add chopped onions and garlic.

Also, slice a carrot and some celery and add to the pot - if you don't have fresh celery, dried one will do fine, too.

Mix everything in the pot until onions become golden brown.

salmon and norway lobster fish stewPut lobsters in the pot, add some crashed tomatoes, salmon (fillets in this case), some good white wine, pepper and salt.

Add water, so that fish and lobsters are covered with liquids.

Increase the heat until stew starts to boil and then decrease the heat.

salmon and norway lobster fish stewAfter 15-20 minutes of cooking, fish stew is prepared.

If you like it thicker, add some breadcrumbs few minutes before turning off the heat.

Note: don't mix the stew, just shake it from time to time.

And that is all. Not very complicated, but also not the simplest fish recipe around :)

When stew is done, leave it aside for 10-15 minutes to settle down.

Serve stew warm - in this case, salmon and Norway lobster stew is served in the same plate with potato salad and with lettuce/spring onion salad aside.

Also, some good whole grain bread is recommended. Chopped parsley can be added on top of the potato salad, too.


Note that wine was added during cooking (for better taste and aroma), but all alcohol has evaporated. So, if you feel like it, serve some good wine with this meal, too.

Bone Appetite!

Amount of vitamin D3 varies in the salmon depends on the salmon species, but 400IU of vitamin D3 per 100g of meat is common amount. Lobsters in general are not so good source of vitamin D3, but they taste great :)

So, single larger salmon fillet (around 150g - 6 ounces), can provide a daily dose of vitamin D3 (at least 600IU).

Again, don't limit yourself only to fish like salmon or tuna - there are many other fish species that are cheaper than these species, taste as good as they taste (or even better!) and are probably lower in mercury, especially when compared with certain tuna species.

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