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Protein Pancake Recipe - A Healthy Pancake Recipe From Scratch

There are various recipes for making healthy pancakes that also taste well - this is one of them and I like both its taste and its nutrients profile.

The recipe is simple to follow, but it takes some practice when baking pancakes.

Published: June 10, 2021.


Make Pancake Batter

Making pancake batter is easy - put ingredients in a suitable pot, add some salt and water - milk if you like - and blend everything. The amounts of ingredients in this recipe are for 5, relatively thick, pancakes.

protein pancake recipeIn a suitable pot add 25g of wheat bran, 25g of oats (oat flakes or oat flour), 10g of low-fat cocoa powder ...
protein pancake recipe... and 50g of rye flour.

protein pancake recipeTo increase protein content, add some protein powder. You can add whey protein, protein blend, or pure casein powder - depending on the desired speed of digestion. I am endomorph, so I prefer slow-digesting meals - my choice here is Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard 100% Casein. If you have only whey protein (on photo - Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard 100% Whey), feel free to add it - other ingredients will significantly slow down the digestion of whey protein, but it will still be faster than the digestion of casein powder. Of course, I have chocolate flavors only :o)

Note: This article is not sponsored in any way by Optimum Nutrition - any whey, protein blend or casein powder will do fine. These links are links within our site, but some articles DO have affiliate links - please read disclaimer regarding our supplement reviews!

protein pancake recipeAdd 50g of protein powder ...

protein pancake recipe... and add one egg and 5 egg whites.

Add some salt. There is no need for adding baking powder, but if you like to experiment, feel free.

protein pancake recipeAdd some water and blend everything with a hand blender. Gradually add water - this will help in avoiding lumps in pancake batter.

protein pancake recipePreheat non-stick frying pan and bake batter. After few minutes, flip the pancake over.

Note: With batter of this kind, be very, very careful - pancakes are very gentle and can be ripped easily. Also, don't make them too thick nor too thin. If you rip your pancakes, don't throw them away - they still taste good and have great nutritional content, just they don't look like pancakes :o)

protein pancake recipeBake the second side of the pancake few more minutes - depending on the pancake thickness.

Note that my pancake on the photo has a small rip - patch it with a small amount of pancake batter and then bake pancake on the first side for a minute or two more.

protein pancake recipeBaked pancakes - it is time to make pancake filling.
protein pancake recipePancake filling is made out of raspberries ...
protein pancake recipe... and low-fat or cottage cheese.
protein pancake recipeMix everything with a large spoon or hand blender (without adding water). I prefer mixing everything with a spoon since I like chunks of raspberries and cheese in pancake filling.
protein pancake recipeSpread filling on the pancake ...

protein pancake recipe... and roll the pancake.

And that is all. No additional sugar or any source of simple carbs or unhealthy fats.

 The nutritional content of these pancakes is given in the following table:

Food Amount Protein Carbs Fats Fibers
Oats 25g 3g 15g 2g 2g
Wheat Bran 25g 3g 18g  1g  3g
Cocoa 10g  1g  7g  0g  0g
Rye Flour 50g 8g 34g 1g 12g
Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard 100% Casein 50g 36g 6g 2g 2g
Egg Whites 5 20g 3g 0g 0g
Eggs 1 7g 1g 6g 0g
Raspberries 200g 2g 14g 1g 9g
Low fat or cottage cheese 200g 24g 5g 5g 0g
Total: ~105g ~105g 18g 28g
Calories: 420 kcal 420 kcal 162 kcal -

These 5 pancakes have around 1000 kcal - most calories come from protein and carbohydrates (105g each) and some from fats. There are also 28 grams of fibers in this meal - if you consider these 5 pancakes as a single meal :o)

More often, a single pancake can be considered as a meal - for daily snacks, breakfasts, and similar. Every pancake has around 21g of protein, 21g of carbohydrates, 4g of fats, and 6g of fibers - 200 kcal in each pancake.

Note: It is important to use whole grains - oats, wheat, and rye - in the form of flakes and flour. If you can buy other whole grain products, feel free - whole grains are full of complex carbohydrates, fibers, B complex, and other vitamins, iron, and other minerals, they have some protein and some healthy fats.

Raspberries and other berries are loaded with vitamins and minerals, not to mention a broad spectrum of antioxidants.

Low fat or cottage cheese is a great source of lean, slow-digesting protein and calcium.

Of course, adjust amounts according to your needs and experiment if you like with batter and filling ingredients.

Enjoy! :o)

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