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Marinated Chicken Breasts

Chicken breasts are great source of animal protein with very low amounts of fats and no carbs. Only half a kilo of chicken breasts a day provides 110 - 120 grams of protein needed for muscle regeneration and growth - rest of proteins can come from other sources (fish, eggs, cottage and low fat cheese, protein supplement powders, red meat etc) or you can simply eat more chicken.

But eating that much same food every day can lead to boredom and many trainees after some time cannot think about chicken breasts let alone eat it ...

There are many ways how to prepare boneless chicken breast and every single of them taste much better if you use marinated chicken breast, compared to 'ordinary' one.

It is easy to marinate any meat, chicken breasts included. It will make great change for your taste buds with no or almost no additional calories. I am often asked, can you freeze marinated meat? Yes, you can - it will not taste as good as freshly marinated meat, but it will taste better than ordinary frozen meat.

Slice meat to thinner pieces. Thinner the pieces are, spices will go deeper into the meat.


Using sharp knife remove as much as possible of visible fats from chicken breasts.

marinated chicken breasts

If you want, using kitchen hammer you can beat meat slightly, but chicken breasts as meat are already very tender meat.

marinated chicken breasts

Add spices you like, for example:

- celery

- parsley

- salt

- laurel

- pepper


marinated chicken breasts You can also add ready made mixes for grilled meat. Also some people like mustard, just be sure to check if there are some 'hidden' calories in mustard or similiar spices.
marinated chicken breasts

Put meat in plastic pot, spices down.

Put rest of the meat in the pot.

marinated chicken breasts

Add a tablespoon of olive oil.

Olive oil gives great taste and fragrance to chicken breasts. If you are going to fry your meat, be sure to fry it on low temperatures - olive oil don't like high temperatures.

marinated chicken breasts

Mix everything in the pot with spoon.

For better taste, you can add even some bacon. Personaly, I don't like smell of olive oil with bacon, so I don't use them together. And when I do put bacon in this mix, I put only red part of bacon (meat, not fat).

Of course, when adding bacon, even meat only, be aware of added calories.

marinated chicken breasts Close the pot and leave it for few hours - best is over night in the fridge.

When you are ready to make your chicken breasts, take them out of fridge and prepare them the way you want. Few tips regarding finishing marinated chicken breasts - if you are going to:

- cook marinated chicken breasts - all of olive oil will be 'lost' in water, including most of fats from chicken breasts. Meat will be very tender, but taste and aroma from spices will be 'weak'.

- fry marinated chicken breasts - fry on non sticking pan without adding more oil of any kind. There is enough olive oil on meat to prevent sticking - after all that is why this pan is called 'non-sticking pan'. Some of olive oil will be lost on pan, but not much. And again - fry on low temperature if you marinated meat in olive oil. Meat has the best taste IMHO, except when you barbeque it ...

- steam cook marinated chicken breasts - most of olive oil will be 'lost' due to oil dripping because of heat and moisture, meat is very soft and tender with great aroma. For example, combine marinated chicken breasts with broccoli.

- barbeque marinated chicken breasts - fantastic taste, but in order to keep the meat soft and tender, you have to add even more oil while preparing it. Not the healthiest choice because of the particles from ember landing on meat and additional oil, but from time to time it is great way to prepare food, at least to change daily routine.

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