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Lettuce Salad

Lettuce Salad is sometimes considered as one of the 'real' salads. This is very voluminous meal, yet, it has so few calories.

Best Lettuce Salad Recipes

Best lettuce salad recipes are often the simplest ones. You can combine lettuce with various ingredients to achieve different aromas and fragrances, but in the end, ordinary lettuce salad with some salt and vinegar is great low calories and low fat side dish.

lettuce-1 Wash lettuce thoroughly with plenty of water.
lettuce-2 Add salt and some vinegard to the lettuce leafs. Mix it.

Put lettuce in the suitable bowl and enjoy it. That's all. Really :o)


If you are dieting don't add oil. Oil will enhance the flavor but also add plenty of calories. Salt and some vinegard sould be enough - maybe you can add some pepper of few slices of onions.




You can eat lettuce salad as main course - it makes me feel satiated maybe 20 minutes, but sometimes even that is enough to forget the hunger.


Lettuce can be combined with plenty of main courses. To keep things simple, I often eat it with omega-3 eggs or just egg whites.

Nutritive information for lettuce salad with half teaspoon of oil:

Food Amount Protein Carbs Fat Fibers
Lettuce 150g 2g 3g 0g 2g
Oil 8g 0g 0g 8g 0g
Total: ~ 2g ~ 3g ~ 8g ~ 2g
Calories: 8 kcal 12 kcal 72 kcal -

One serving of lettuce, 150g in this case has ~ 20 kcal. When you add only half of tablespoon of oil (I don't like olive oil in lettuce, but if you want - give it a try), calories in this meal raise to ~ 90 kcal. Still, it is very low kcal meal, but when you get used to 'dry' lettuce (only salt and vinegard), you can eat it whenever you want and with practically any meal you want - or just as main course.

Lettuce salad is also vegetarian meal. If you add some vegetable protein, this can be great protein+fat meal.

Often, I combine lettuce with omega-3 eggs, which are rich sources of polyunsaturated fatty acids, without adding oil to lettuce. Nutritive information of such meal:

Food Amount Protein Carbs Fat Fibers
Lettuce 150g 2g 3g 0g 2g
Omega-3 Eggs 300g 36g 3g 30g 0g
Total: ~ 38g ~ 6g ~ 30g ~ 2g
Calories: ~150 kcal ~25 kcal ~270 kcal -

There are ~450 kcal in this meal. This is great protein+fat meal, good for low carbs diet, even if you are on a keto diet. 6 omega-3 eggs have around 300g (usually, they are just a little smaller than ordinary eggs, also their size vary from time to time...), plenty of vitamin A and minerals (mostly iron - Fe, but also other minerals) and around 1.5 - 1.8g of omega-3. This meal, lettuce with omega-3 eggs, is also great bed time meal.

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