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How to Marinate a Pork Tenderloin - Pork Tenderloin Marinade

Pork is often avoided by people wanting to lose some weight or by those wanting to stay in shape - with no reason. Lean pork cuts are great source of protein and some vitamins and minerals. Fat content is low, often less than 2g of fat per 100g of lean meat.

Pork MarinadePut pork on the kitchen board and using sharp knife, remove any visible fat. Which cut of pork will you use, it is up to you, but pork tenderloin has around 20g of protein and 2g of fat per 100g of meat.

Pork MarinadeDepending on the intended purpose, cut or slice meat as needed.

This meat will be stuffed with eggs, so using sharp knife I made single cavity inside the meat.

Pork MarinadeAdd spices and herbs - remember, they are used to enhance flavor of the meat, not to kill it :)

So, add some salt, pepper, parsley, little bit of chilly, laurel ...

Pork MarinadeAdd some good white wine - some people prefer red wine for marinades like this, but ...

Anyway, this depends highly on your personal preferences.

Pork MarinadeMix everything - don't afraid to get your hands dirty :)

After mixing, put everything into refrigerator for few hours or over night.

Pork MarinadeMeat is marinated - this way you can prepare pork meat for stews, barbeques etc.

One just needs little bit of spices, herbs, wine and little bit of practice :)

 Remember, that is just 2g of fat per 100g of meat ... Bone appetite :)

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