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How to Make Bedtime Protein Shakes and Smoothies

Bedtime protein shakes and smoothies can be excellent choice for last meal of the day. Combining slow digesting protein sources with sources of complex carbs, fats and fibers, one creates very satiating, tasty meals with limited amount of calories.

The best choice for lean source of slow digesting protein are low fat cheese and cottage cheese. Casein protein found in such foods digests for 7-8 hours. In order to increase protein content of shakes and smoothies, one can also use various protein supplements, preferably ones based on casein protein.

Sources of complex carbs can be low glycemic fruits and vegetables like various berries, broccoli, spinach and similar foods, that are also rich in digestive fibers.

Sources of healthy fats are various nuts, olive oil, fish oil, peanut butter and similar. Although these fats are healthy, their amount should be kept under moderation.

For more info about bedtime protein shakes, feel free to check Health Benefits of Slow Digesting Bedtime Protein Shakes - Protein Shake Before Bed article.

Blueberry Bedtime Protein Shake Recipe

blueberry bedtime smoothie 1This is very simple recipe: in a suitable taller pot put some blueberries. 150g of blueberries is nice amount, but add according to your own preferences.

Keep in mind that glycemic index of blueberries is around 53 and that 150g of blueberries has ~18g of carbs and glycemic load of 9.6.

For comparison, glycemic load of 100g of baked potatoes is ~32.

blueberry bedtime smoothie 2Add some low fat cheese or cottage cheese.

Personally, I prefer cheese in small packages - this way I don't have to bother about amounts and similar. Simply, open the package and put the cheese into the pot.

If you like to drink your shakes and smoothies, add some water.

Note that fruits like blueberries have plenty of liquids - more than enough for a thick, chewable smoothie.

blueberry bedtime smoothie 3Mix berries and cheese with the spoon or blender. If you like smooth shakes and smoothies, without lumps or anything similar, use blender - hand stick blender can do excellent job, just be sure that you don't spill anything, since stains from berries are hard to clean from clothes and other surfaces.

As said before, I like to chew my food, so I have used spoon to mix everything - this way there are even some blueberries on the bottom of the pot intact.

Berries give slightly tart and sour taste and aroma to bedtime smoothies and shakes.

Blueberry smoothie like this contain around 25g of protein, 25g of carbs, 6g of fats and 5g of fibers, for total of ~250 kcal.

It is very balanced meal suitable for daily snacks and even breakfasts, too.

Although it is excellent, balanced, very satiating meal, don't even think of going on a prolonged diet based on 4-5 shakes/smoothies like this per day.

There are much easier and healthier meal plans. And yes, these meal plans include protein smoothies like this one.

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