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Grilled Salmon Fillets with Zucchini

Grilled salmon fillets with vegetables (zucchini this time) is one of the best meals for anybody wanting low calorie, protein rich meal. Fats are moderate, but this fat comes from one of the best sources - salmon.

Recipe for this meal is simple and straightforward - using non stick grilling pan, grill salmon and vegetables and serve warm.

salmon-fillets-zucchini-1Take one medium sized zucchini and peel it off.

Some people don't even peel it, they just wash it. I like it more peeled off.


salmon-fillets-zucchini-1After peeling, put zucchini on kitchen board and using sharp knife, cut it to thin slices. Medium sized zucchini provides 4-5 slices.

Season each zucchini slice with little bit of salt and pepper.

salmon-fillets-zucchini-1Put salmon fillets on a kitchen board, add some salt and pepper. I prefer to season fish with garlic and other herbs after cooking.
salmon-fillets-zucchini-1Preheat non-stick grilling pan and grill salmon fillets first. Each side should be grilled 3-4 minutes depending on heat and thickness of fillets. It is important that pan is preheated and that fillets are dry when putting on the pan.
salmon-fillets-zucchini-1When fillets are almost done, add zucchini slices. Grilling zucchini second will give us little bit of time to finish seasoning of fish and zucchini will be grilled on salmon fat - this will make them taste even better.
salmon-fillets-zucchini-1Grill zucchini on both sides, how long depends on how thick they are. Usually 2-3 minutes on medium heat is more than enough.
salmon-fillets-zucchini-1While zucchini slices are still on the pan, put salmon fillets on the plate ...
salmon-fillets-zucchini-1... and add some garlic. One clove is more than enough.

salmon-fillets-zucchini-1Take some fresh parsley and shredded it to smaller pieces. Put them on the fish. If you like, this is time to add some lemon - few drops or more, according to your preferences.

Hint to the guys - celery and parsley look very similar - greenish herbs that can often be found in the kitchen or fridge :) - parsley is the one with smaller leaves.

salmon-fillets-zucchini-1When everything is done, put on the plate and serve warm.


Bone appetite ...

For making this meal, no oil of any kind was used. Salmon is fatty fish loaded with good fats. Zucchini is mostly water with some carbs and fibers.

Nutritional information of this meal:

Food Amount Protein Carbs Fats Fibers
Salmon 400g 75g 0g 20g 0g
Zucchini 200g 2g 7g 0g 2g
Total: 77g 7g 20g 2g
Calories: 308 kcal 28 kcal 180 kcal -

This meal has around 520 calories, mostly from protein, some from fats and very little from carbs. Fiber content is ok, could be better.

Many people find 77g of protein too much for one sitting. This is good amount for first solid meal after workout, especially if you are on a Carbs Cycling Diet or even keto diet. 

Anyway, if you want to lower macronutrients in this meal, first lower salmon content - 200g of zucchini, after grilling is so small food to eat, that there is no food to eat less.

If you halve amount of salmon, then you have:

Food Amount Protein Carbs Fats Fibers
Salmon 200g 38g 0g 10g 0g
Zucchini 200g 2g 7g 0g 2g
Total: 40g 7g 10g 2g
Calories: 160 kcal 28 kcal 90 kcal -

This meal has around 260 calories, mostly from protein and fats and very little from carbs. This amount of macronutrients content is more acceptable for daily meals.

Note: after eating this meal (both versions), trust me, you will be hungry in no time :) This is great for people on high protein diet since they can easily eat 7-8 meals of this kind and have daily intake of more than 400-500g of protein without ever feeling sluggish due to overfilled stomach ...

If you want more fulfilling meal and your diet plan allows you, then feel free to double zucchini content and continue to use no cooking oil of any kind.

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