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Grill Pan Fried Chicken Breast with Sauerkraut

Grill pan fried chicken breast with sauerkraut are one of my recipes using sauerkraut. Chicken breast provides lean protein, while sauerkraut provides great taste, aroma, some complex carbs and fibers.

Sauerkraut nutritional benefits are numerous. It can be eaten raw or after some cooking. In this sauerkraut recipe, we are going to cook sauerkraut for only few minutes. Most of the vitamins will hopefully stay intact.

And when you combine food like chicken breast and sauerkraut, you will never look at your chicken breast and say - boring ... :o)

For this recipe, you can use 'ordinary' chicken breast or marinated chicken breast.

I used 'ordinary' chicken breast - with some spices and sauerkraut, it has great taste ...

grill pan fried chicken breast and sauerkraut

Put chicken breast meat on kitchen wooden/plastic board. Using sharp knife, remove any visible fat and slice it to fillets. Since chicken breast is very tender meat, those slices don't have to be very thin - even half inch (12-13mm) thick fillet will be grill pan fried with ease.

grill pan fried chicken breast and sauerkraut

Put fillets into plastic pot and add spices:

- salt (but not much, sauerkraut is very salty even when washed)
- pepper
- one minced garlic clove
- some parsley and celery (dried is ok)
- some red pepper if you like little bit stronger taste

Other spices and herbs as you wish.

Also, add one tablespoon of ordinary oil. I don't like taste of olive oil with sauerkraut so I add ordinary oil. This is 15g of fats for half a kilo of chicken breast meat. If you are using good non-stick grill pan even this oil is not necessary, but meat simply taste better.

grill pan fried chicken breast and sauerkraut

Mix meat with spices - by spoon or by hands. Use your hands - hands will mix everything better and it will make your cooking experience more 'personal' :o)

grill pan fried chicken breast and sauerkraut

Put the meat on the non-stick grill pan. Those maybe cost little bit more than ordinary pans, but they are worth every (euro)cent (and when you buy it, be gentle with it - wash it carefully).

Anyway, fry chicken breast until upper side is almost entirely white - 5 minutes on medium heat will usually be enough.

grill pan fried chicken breast and sauerkraut

After 5 minutes, turn over the meat ...

grill pan fried chicken breast and sauerkraut

While meat is frying (second side), put sauerkraut into the pot and ...

grill pan fried chicken breast and sauerkraut

... wash it with water. You can also use strainer to wash sauerkraut.

Anyway, sauerkraut is very rich with kitchen salt (sodium) and it is important to get rid of it as much as possible.

grill pan fried chicken breast and sauerkraut

Remove any excess water by squeezing sauerkraut with your hands. More squeezed water - better.

Any excess water will evaporate when we put sauerkraut on grill pan, but there is no need to boil chicken breast, right?

grill pan fried chicken breast and sauerkraut

While meat is cooking on the second side (at least 2-3 minutes), put sauerkraut on top of chicken breast and leave it for 3-4 minutes. If needed, decrease heat.

grill pan fried chicken breast and sauerkraut

After cooking meat and sauerkraut for 3-4 minutes, put the meat on top of sauerkraut and fry/cook sauerkraut on grill pan for few more minutes.

grill pan fried chicken breast and sauerkraut

Than, put the meat on one plate and sauerkraut on second plate or if you are making this meal for more persons, put the chicken breast and sauerkraut on the same plates.

Nutrition facts for chicken breast with sauerkraut

Food Amount Protein Carbs Fats Fibers
Chicken Breast 500g 110g 0g 7 0g
Sauerkraut 300g (squeezed) 5g 18g 0g 12g
Oil 15g 0g 0g 15g 0g
Total: 115g 18g 22g 12g
Calories: 460 kcal 72 kcal 198 kcal -

This is 720 kcal in one meal - mostly from protein, some from fats and carbs. Fiber content is also good - 12g of various fibers, very good for stomach and proper digestion.

Note: this meal was my first solid meal after workout and last meal before bed. I am 100+kg endomorph and I certainly deserved such big meal after heavy full body workout.

For those that don't need such amount of protein in one meal, I recommend eating this meal in two sittings or making smaller meal. Anyway, when you make this meal, you will see that sauerkraut can do wonders for chicken breast in terms of taste, aroma, fragrance ...

Warning: the low pH and abundance of lactobacilli may upset the intestines of people who are not used to eating acidic foods. That is one of the reasons why I prefer to wash my sauerkraut very well and cook it little bit ...

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