Mediterranean Diet 101

Fried Trout

Among simple trout recipes, pan fried trout recipes are probably the simplest and quickest recipes to make. Fried trouts are rich in protein, low on fat, have no carbs. There are some minerals and omega-3. Content of fats can be increased with olive oil, but beware of calories.

They are available all year around as live or fresh fish on the market. They can be made rather quickly. I always have them with vegetables - vegetables give fullness and keep me satiated for longer.


Clean the trouts and remove the heads.

Use paper towel to dry trouts. Add some salt and maybe just a little bit of pepper.


I put aluminum foil around my frying pen - it is much easier to remove the foil after frying then spend some time cleaning kitchen after frying. Of course, if you have in your area recycle bins for aluminum, throw foil there, not in the regular garbage.

On a good non-stick frying pan put half of tablespoon of olive oil or use some non-stick frying sprey. Olive oil gives great flavor, so I don't even have non-stick frying sprey or anything similar :o)

Note: when frying food on olive oil, keep the temperature low. Since temperature is low, it takes some time for the trouts to get ‘golden brown’




When trouts are fried on one side, roll them on the other side. I added just a half of tablespoon of olive oil, but soon there is more oil in the pan than I added - trouts tend to be fatty, but not much.





Fried trout on the plate – add few drops of lemon here…


… and keep your veggies close :o)


I prefer mixed veggies - on picture mix of steamed carrot, cauliflower and broccoli, no oil added (there is enough fats in the fried trouts).


Nutritional content of ingredients:

Food Amount Protein Carbs Fats Fibers
Trouts (2 medium) 300g 55g 0g 12g 0g
Mixed Veggies 300g 10g 15g 1g 9g
Total: 65g 15g 13g 9g
Calories: 260 kcal 60 kcal 117 kcal

0 kcal


So, this is meal with high protein, low fat and carb content. Also, there are 9g of fibers in this meal. There are 440 kcal in the meal, mostly from protein. This makes this meal ideal as first solid meal after PWM for endomorphs, although others should increase the carbs little bit (for example just take one slice of whole wheat bread). Also, this is great meal during the day. For last meal before bed, this meal digests too quickly.

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