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Fried Hake Fillets and Vegetables

Pan fried fish fillet recipes are quick and healthy simple fish fillet recipes. Fried hake fillets are rich in protein, low on fat, have no carbs. There are some minerals and omega-3, but not much of omega-3 when compared with some  fattier fish.

They are available all year around as deep frozen food. They can be made rather quickly. I always have them with vegetables - vegetables give fullness and keep me satiated for longer.

 Hake Fillet Recipes

There are various hake fillet recipes - baked, cooked, fried, stewed etc. To keep things simple, it is easiest to fry them in non-stick frying pan using no or almost no oil.


Take some frozen hake fillets, put them in warm water to defrost. Then, put them in the strainer to remove water and then on plate. Add some salt, and if you wish some pepper.


Put fillets on aluminum foil and use paper towel to remove any left water.




Add one tablespoon of olive oil on fillets – I have around 500g of fillets here.

Will this be spicy fish fillet recipe or not, depends on your personal preferences - add some salt and pepper before cooking.

Note: when frying food on olive oil, keep the temperature low.


Fillets in frying pen. Little bit crowded, but soon they will lose water and shrink a little bit.

Note: I put aluminum foil around my frying pen - it is much easier to remove the foil after frying then spend some time cleaning kitchen after frying :o). Of course, if you have in your area recycle bins for aluminum, throw foil there, not in the regular garbage.


Since temperature is low, it takes some time to get the fillets ‘golden brown’


Fried hake fillets on plate – add few drops of lemon here…


… and keep your veggies close :o)


I prefer mixed veggies - picture mix of steamed carrot, cauliflower and broccoli, no oil added (there is enough fats in the fried fish).

Calories in Hake Fillets

Nutritional content of ingredients:

Food Amount Protein Carbs Fats Fibers
Hake fillets 500g 85g 0g 4g 0g
Mixed Veggies 300g 10g 15g 1g 9g
Olive oil 15g 0g 0g 15g 0g
Total: 95g 15g 20g 9g
Calories: 380 kcal 60 kcal 180 kcal

0 kcal

This is meal with high protein content, moderate fat content and low carb content - unless you are on keto diet, where 15g of carbs means a lot. Also, there are 9g of fibers in this meal. There are 620 kcal in the meal, mostly from protein. This makes this meal ideal as first solid meal after PWM for endomorphs, other should increase the carbs little bit. Also, this is great meal during the day. For last meal before bed, this meal digests too quickly.

So, if you are ectomorph and have less then 80-90kg (175 - 200 pounds), you should lower the amount of fish and add some carb source like whole wheat pasta (with veggies). After all, everyone should customize amounts of food so that nutrients suite their needs - in the first place, lower the amount of fish in this meal, depending on your gender, weight, time of the day etc ...

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