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Fish Pate Recipe - Tuna Pate Recipe

Fish pate is one of my favorite snack recipes. It takes just a few minutes to make and it can stay in the fridge few days. And protein in tuna can is great muscle building macronutrient.

Note on tuna and mercury: tuna is almost on the top of food chain in the sea. Mercury found in traces in small fish (sardines for example) accumulate in tuna. Tuna from far east seas has more mercury than tuna from clean seas - good thing is that producers of canned tuna must write down amounts of mercury in the canned tuna. How much canned tuna is safe? Well, if you are eating one can per week, don't bother too much about mercury in the canned tuna. If you do eat more than one can of tuna per week, choose canned tuna with as less as possible of amounts of mercury - compare various brands when shopping. You can right away compare their prices and yes, tuna with less mercury cost more ... If you are pregnant or you are breast-feeding, stay away from low quality tuna cans. Even high quality tuna cans contain more mercury than fresh fish from the bottom of sea food chain and from clean seas. It is your choice ...

Enough about bad things, let's make some good tuna pate and enjoy this healthy, low fat meal.

canned tuna pate

Take two cans of tuna in water (not in oil) and one can of fish with vegetables.

These are main ingredients of fish pate, so buy good ones. If you are organizing some kind of party or have guests on dinner, than fish pate can be great appetizer - in that case I can recommend two cans of tuna and one can of smoked salmon or if you need more fish pate, take three/four cans of tuna in water, one smoked salmon can (or some smoked salmon in vacuum bag) and canned hake fillets in strong, spicy sauce.

canned tuna pate

Put the fish in the strainer.

canned tuna pate

Using fork or spoon, mix everything while trying to drain/squeeze every little bit of water or liquid.

canned tuna patePut the content of fish cans in blender.

Of course, instead of canned fish, you can use fresh fish, but fresh fish pate takes much more time to make.

canned tuna pate

Add one clove of garlic, not more. Garlic has strong flavor and we need garlic to improve fish taste, not to kill it :)

canned tuna pate

Add some onion. Again, don't add much - for two cans of tuna and one can of fish with vegetables, third of small onion is enough.

I like to add sliced onion in blender - it will blend better and faster.

canned tuna pate

Add some green olives (without pits of course) - one green olive per one can of fish is good measure. If you have black olives, than add just one more.
Don't add more olives. They are salty, have strong taste and we need them for improving taste of the meal.

canned tuna pate

Add some dried parsley and celery - usually I prefer fresh parsley and celery, but dried ones are blended better.
Add some pepper, but be careful if you are using some canned fish in strong sauce; fish pate can be really spicy meal :)

canned tuna pate

Let's blend some fish pate!

canned tuna pate

After 5-10 seconds of blending, fish pate is made. And what pate it is ...
No commercial fish pate can compete with home made fish pate in both taste and nutrient content.

canned tuna pate

Put the pate in sealed plastic container and keep it in the fridge.
Use when desired - fish pate can stay in the fridge few days and keep it's taste and fragrance.
In my case, it rarely sees the other day :)

Nutritional data for fish pate is given in the following table:

Food Amount Protein Carbs Fats Fibers
Canned Tuna 220g 55g 0g 2g 0g
Canned Fish with Vegetables 125g 15g 5g 10g 1g
Spices - 1g 5g 3g 1g
Total: 70g 10g 15g 2g
Calories: 280 kcal 40 kcal 135 kcal -

There are ~450 kcal in this fish pate (little less than 400g of fish pate). Most of the calories comes from protein, some from fats and very little from carbs.

canned tuna pate

After letting it cool for hour or two in the fridge, you can consume your canned tuna fish pate.

Take some whole wheat toast and spread pate over it. Thickness depends on many things, but fish pate in this case (from two cans of tuna and one can of fish with veggies) is more than enough for 12 toast pieces.

canned tuna pate

Time to eat. Bon appetite ...

If you spread this fish pate on 12 whole wheat toasts of average size, each piece will have:

Food Amount Protein Carbs Fats Fibers
Fish Pate 1/12 of made pate 6g 2g (some) 0g
Whole Wheat Toast 1 piece 2g 9g 1.5g 2g
Total: 8g 11g 2g 2g
Calories: 32 kcal 44 kcal 18 kcal -

One whole wheat toast with fish pate has around 95 kcal. My five toasts meal has around 40g of protein, 45g of carbs, 10g of fat and 10g of fibers. It is very tasty and fulfilling meal, but it tends to be digested rather quickly. I like it as a snack and like appetizer before main course (well, in that case I don't eat five toasts :o) ).

By changing used spices, we can change the taste and aroma of this meal. Also, there is great variety of canned fish, just be careful to read the labels. If you find descriptions like 'low fat sauce', be careful about carbs. Fish canned in oil, no matter how much you tray to squeeze oil out of it, it is still much more caloric than fish canned in water.

And fresh fish is fresh fish - I use canned one because it is convenient ...

Wild fish canned in virgin oil, prepared in many ways, can be a delicacy - fish pate included! :)

Canned fish is available year long and can be found in local shops or it can be ordered online.

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