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Eggs, Cheese and Peas Salad

Eggs, cheese and peas salad is one of the quickest and easiest meals to prepare.

Salad Ideas for Lunch

It takes some cooking (boiling eggs), but this easy pea salad recipe is great daily snack for everyone. And if you want, you can use this meal as last meal of the day - proteins from the eggs and cheese will be slowly digested, while complex carbs from peas will cause no insulin spike.


First put some eggs in cold water and put them to boil. After they start to boil, it takes 6-7 minutes to make hard cooked eggs.


Little trick – when eggs start to boil, use dull side of knife or fork or spoon or something like that, and make little cracks in eggshells – it will make eggshells more easy to peel off.

eggs-peas-cheese-salad-1 In the mean time, take a can of peas, open it ...
eggs-peas-cheese-salad-2 … and put it in to the strainer and wash the peas with hot water.
eggs-peas-cheese-salad-3 Put washed and well strained beans on plate. Add some onions on top of it for better taste.
eggs-peas-cheese-salad-4 Put some cottage or low fat cheese on plate together with peas.
eggs-peas-cheese-salad-5 Remove eggshells from boiled eggs.. Everything is on single plate – peas, cheese and eggs. Enjoy …

Since there is plenty of salt in canned peas and cheese, I don’t put salt on eggs. If you like, you can put some vinegar and pepper on beans to make taste little bit stronger. Some virgin olive oil will make dish even more fulfilling and tasteful. If I eat whole eggs, I never put oil in such dishes – and if you eat omega-3 eggs, it is total waste to throw the yolks.

Nutrient content in this meal:

Food Amount Protein Carbs Fats Fibers
Canned Peas 150g 8g 22g 1g 8g
Eggs (omega-3) 200g 24g 2g 20g 0g
Low fat cheese 150g 18g 6g 3g 0g
Total: 50g 30g 24g 8g
Calories: 200 kcal 120 kcal 215 kcal -

Total calories are ~535 kcal. This is not the lowest-calorie meal – it has relative high content of protein and fat and medium content of complex carbs. Ideal slow-digesting bed time meal. Mixing fats and carbs is not recommended, but here we have complex, slow digesting carbs (and proteins) - thus, no insulin spike(s).

If you add only one tablespoon of olive oil, that will bring total fat to around 40g and calories up to 670 kcal. If you take a slice of bread, calories will go even higher – so, there are many ways to manipulate the content of the meal and adjust it to your needs. Also, because of omega-3 eggs, there is ~1.2g of omega-3.

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