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Easy Shrimp Pasta Recipe - Cheat Meal Recipes

Shrimp pasta is one of my favorite cheat meals - it is quickly made, although it requires some cooking, but it is worth it. If you limit olive oil used for preparing this meal, you will get perfect protein + complex carbs meal, ideal as first solid meal after PWM. Even if you do add a little bit more of olive oil, it is cheat time :)

shrimp pasta recipeShrimps or shrimp tails can be found fresh or frozen - of course, fresh are much better.

Shrimp flesh is very tender and tasty - it is cooked in just few minutes, so, lets start ...

shrimp pasta recipeOn kitchen board, slice and chop some onions and 1-2 garlic clove ...


shrimp pasta recipe... and put them on preheated olive oil - don't use much heat when cooking with olive oil.


shrimp pasta recipeYou can add rest of the spices and herbs - some salt, pepper, parsley, leaf or two of laurel  ...

Mix everything and let it cook for few minutes.

shrimp pasta recipeIn the mean time, put a suitable pot on stove, add water and some salt - we are going to make some pasta here.


shrimp pasta recipeWhile we wait for water to starts to boil, add shrimp tails to 'first' pot and mix everything.


shrimp pasta recipeWhen water for pasta starts to boil, add pasta (spaghetti) - let it cook for 8-9 minutes, depending on pasta type.

shrimp pasta recipeAdd some good white wine to shrimps. Alcohol will evaporate, but wine will improve taste even further.

After everything starts to boil, cook it for 6-7 minutes.

shrimp pasta recipeWhen pasta is done, put it into the strainer for few minutes ...


shrimp pasta recipe... and then put it into the pot.


shrimp pasta recipeShrimps are done - let them cool little bit down for few minutes and serve with pasta.


shrimp pasta recipeServing is simple - just put spaghetti on plate ...


shrimp pasta recipe... and add shrimps - and that is all.

Actually, this meal is much simpler to make, than it looks like - it takes some practice, but as reward, you have great cheat meal.


 Depending on personal preferences, with this meal, one can serve some white wine, green salad with tomatoes or some mixed vegetables.


 Bone Appetite! :o)

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