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Chicken and Beans Salad

This is one of the fastest salad recipes we have around.

How to Make Chicken-Bean Salad?

All you need is can of some vegetable (beans in this case), some already made meat (chicken) and some spices that every kitchen has – and quick, healthy meal is ready in just a few minutes. Great thing about this salad is that it can also be used as chicken filling for sandwiches to be used right away or packed for later usage.


So, take one can of beans, open it, put it in the strainer …


… and wash the beans with hot water.


Put the beans into the suitable pot.


Add some onions and if desired, some garlic and pepper. If you have some social event in near future, maybe you can avoid putting onions and garlic :o)


Fresh celery or parsley give nice flavor, too.


Now, speed of this recipe is already made meat and veggies. Usually, when I prepare chicken breasts, I fry (on non stick pan) at least a kilo and put it in the Tupperware and then in the fridge.

So, take one portion of chicken …


… and put it in the pot with beans and gently mix it with spoon, fork or whatever you find suitable. If you want, now you can also add vinegar, salt or some other spice. I don’t add anything – onions are IMHO more than enough.


You can add a tablespoon of oil. Olive oil gives nice aroma, but also ads up calories.


Now, enjoy it :o)

Great thing about this recipe is the speed and nutritional content of ingredients:

Food Amount Protein Carbs Fats Fibers
Beans 250g 20g 30g 3g 15g
Onions 50g 0g 3g 0g 0g
Chicken 250g 55g 0g 5g 0g
Total: 75g 33g 8g 15g
Calories: 300 kcal 130 kcal 70 kcal -

So, this meal has 500 kcal. And that is without oil – adding just a tablespoon of oil will add around 15g of fat and additional 135 kcal for a total of some 630 – 640 kcal. Slice of bread or a piece of toast will boost the carbs, so one should be careful with this 'add-ons' :o)

Anyway, this is very fulfilling meal. If you are over 100 kg (like me), this is my full meal. If you are on diet or your daily intake doesn't require this amount of nutrients, don't worry – put finished salad in two containers, one eat right away, second put in the fridge and eat it when you please ...

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