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Caesar Salad with Minced Beef

Caesar salad with minced beef is not so quick and not so easy meal to make - when compared with other recipes around Staying Fit. But it is definitely a recipe worth trying to make - it is one of my favorite cheat meals and a very good meal as first solid meal after a workout.

caesar salad with minced beefPreheat non-stick frying pan and put minced meat. Add some salt, pepper and some garlic, but not much. Mix everything gently for 6-7 minutes.


caesar salad with minced beefWhen meat is half done, add few zucchini slices. There is no need to add any oil, since beef has enough of fats and you are using non-stick frying pan.

Of course, the leanest the beef the better.

caesar-salad-with-minced-beef-3Zucchinis and meat are almost done. It is time to prepare a dish.
caesar-salad-with-minced-beef-4Put leaves of lettuce on the plate - arrange leaves in the circular pattern, so that leaves form a kind of pit in the middle.
caesar-salad-with-minced-beef-5Put a sliced tomato on the lettuce leaves.

caesar-salad-with-minced-beef-6Add some paprika and onions - also add some salt and pepper, but not much, since we already seasoned meat and zucchini.

Also, add few drops of vinegar and perhaps half of tablespoon of olive oil.

Note: some people don't like olive oil in the same dish with meat.

caesar-salad-with-minced-beef-7Add some canned peas in the middle of the plate - fresh, boiled peas taste better, so if you like to do some more cooking, feel free.

Put fried zucchini slices and an hard boiled egg.

Now, put meat in the middle of the plate - if you arranged lettuce, tomatoes and zucchini as suggested, you will have just enough room for meat.


Nutritional content of this meal is more than acceptable - it is very rich in animal protein, complex carbs and it has some fats.

Also, it is very rich in dietary fiber and micronutrients like vitamins and minerals.

Few notes: Use beef as lean as possible - mince it at home or tell your butcher to mince it in front of you. Don't buy 'ordinary' minced meet at butchers, since such meat is loaded with fat. Also, although only one hardboiled egg is used, try to use omega-3 or organic egg - such egg contains much better fatty acids' profile than ordinary egg.

What else to say? Bone Appetite :)

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