Mediterranean Diet 101

Barbequed Squids and Vegetables - Low Carbs Cheat Meal

bbq squids 1Barbequed squids are very tasty and if you keep carbs low, you can have great cheat meal. 'Cheat' - you don't care (too much) about calories and nutrient intake in general.

On the other hand, barbequed food is not the healthiest one, especially if you eat it more or less often. But, if you barbeque food on stone plate, you (mostly) avoid harmful substances and still get a fantastic aroma and taste of barbequed food.

Barbequing food on stone plate is simple - light a fire under the plate, clean the plate and toss some food on it - in my case, some squids/calamari and low-carb vegetables.

Stone plate barbequed potatoes are also great, but eating them, one can easily consume plenty of carbs - something I want to avoid in low carb cheat meal.

bbq-squids-2When done, serve food warm - one can have few spring onions as salad with some lemon juice. One can also add some olive oil, but as any other oil, that is around 135 kcal per one single tablespoon.

Calories in this meal? Well, 100g of calamari/squids has around 17-18g of protein, 1-2g of carbs and 1-2g of fat. Vegetables - this depends on your vegetable choice, but green, leafy vegetables are very low in fats and low in protein and usually low in carbs - often rich in fibers, vitamins, minerals and gives us feeling of fulness ...


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