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Barbequed Sea Bass

Barbequed sea bass or any similar fish is a great-tasting meal which is also a great source of natural vitamin D. Barbecued food tastes so much better, but it is not very healthy to eat it because of compounds found in food due to oil dripping on embers. But, it can be avoided ...

Published: September 20, 2021.

bbq sea bass

If one uses a stone plate (granite, for example) for barbecuing, the oil will not drip on embers, and even if it does drip directly on embers, harmful compounds will not settle down on the barbecued fish (or meat or any other food prepared this way).

On the other hand, fish will get the aroma and fragrance of barbecue, maybe not as strong as from 'ordinary' barbeque, but it will be much healthier.

Also, using a stone plate, one can start to barbeque while there is still an open fire under the plate.

bbq sea bassPreheat the plate and add some oil to the plate, but not much.

Put fish on the plate and barbeque it, depending on the size of the fish, 5-6 minutes on each side, each side twice - it is much easier to flip fish over on this plate than on an 'ordinary' barbeque or grill.


Serve fish warm with some vegetables, like spinach. Also, adding few drops of lemon juice and some olive oil will improve the taste of the fish even more.

Last, but not least, serve whole grain, homemade bread and enjoy this great meal.

Sea bass is a fish rich in vitamin D. One small portion of 250g of sea bass meat has around 550 IU of vitamin D. And when you start to eat fish prepared this way, it is hard to eat only 250g of fish. Not to mention healthy fish fats rich in omega-3, which are very beneficial for human health.

So, enjoy it :o)

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