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Barbecue Spice Rub Recipe

Barbecue spice rub is used to enhance flavor, aroma and fragrance of the food being prepared on the barbecue. Barbecued food is not often found on the menu of people trying to stay under 10% body fat (BF), but from time to time, we all need some relaxation - both body and mind :o)

There are many barbecue spice rub recipes around, but I prefer to keep things simple. This barbeque rub can be used for all kinds of meat (pork, veal, chicken etc.), fish and even vegetables. And it takes only few minutes to make it.

barbecue spice rub Take a small cup, garlic press and peel off few garlic cloves.

barbecue spice rub Using garlic press, mince garlic and put it into the cup. I prefer ceramic cups due to their weight, but any will do.

You can use substitute garlic powder for minced garlic, but fresh is almost always better.

barbecue spice rub

Add spices to minced garlic.

I prefer parsley, celery and some salt. Fresh parsley and celery are great spices, but they are not always around, so I often use dried parsley and celery.

For red meat, add some freshly ground black pepper and just a little bit of red sweet paprika.

barbecue spice rub Add some oil. If you are preparing meat, add ordinary oil. If you are preparing fish, add extra virgin olive oil for incredible aroma and taste.

barbecue spice rub

Using small spoon, mix everything well.

If you want, you can add few drops of lemon here and leaf or two of laurel - I don't apply laurel in the rub onto the food, but it gives it's share of aroma and fragrance.

Barbecue spice rub is ready to do wonders :o)

barbecue spice rub Use small lavender or rosemary branch to apply rub - they will enhance flavor even more.

You can also throw few lavender and/or rosemary leaves on the embers to produce smoke that will give special taste and aroma to the fish, meat, vegetables, mushrooms ... Just be careful and throw only a few leaves :o)

barbecue spice rub 7

For those wondering about calories - I don't barbecue often and when I do, I do it as part of cheat meals. I just try to eat as cleanly as possible when barbecuing and that means lots of fish and meat and some green vegetables. For potatoes, bread, corn and similar foods - portion control is the only possible answer, because not eating those with barbecued meat or fish is out of option. Remember - if you want to stay fit, you have to deserve your barbecue ...

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