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Bacon and Eggs Toast Sandwich

Bacon and eggs can be used to make a quick, but great tasting snack, and when combined with the whole grain toast and some cherry tomatoes, it can make us feel satiated even for hours.

The recipe itself is simple and it takes perhaps 10 minutes to make two bacon with eggs toast sandwiches.

Published: October 6, 2021.

This recipe can be used for breakfasts, daily snacks, and similar occasions. It features a balanced amount of protein, carbs, and fats with a generous amount of fibers.

bacon egg sandwich 1

Take two thin slices of bacon and put them on the non-stick frying pan.

While the bacon is in the pan, put toast in the toaster. If You don't like pre-made toast, You can use whole grain bread instead of whole-grain toast.

bacon egg sandwich 2

Put two slices of toast on a suitable plate and when the bacon is done, put the bacon on the toast.

bacon egg sandwich 3

Right after taking the bacon out of the pan, fry the eggs on the little fat that has left behind the eggs - they will taste better, much better.

Since the bacon and the toast already contain salt, we will not add salt to the eggs - if You like saltier food, OK, add some salt, but don't overdo it.

Salt can make food taste better, but too much salt is not healthy...

bacon egg sandwich 4

Flip the eggs and fry them on both sides.

bacon egg sandwich 5

When the eggs are done, put them on the toasts with bacon slices.

bacon egg sandwich 6

Put two more toast slices over the fried eggs, add some cherry tomatoes as salad and enjoy this meal.

Few Notes:

- If You want to decrease the amount of carbs, use only two slices of whole-grain toast, not four.

- If You want to decrease the amount of fats, make scrambled eggs consisting of only one egg and several egg whites.

- If You want to increase the amount of protein, add few egg whites.

As one can see, the recipe can easily be adjusted to suit individual needs and requirements.

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