List of Mediterranean Diet Recipes

Recipes for Mediterranean Diet are meal recipes made using foods appropriate for Mediterranean cuisine.

Although Mediterranean diet doesn't have to be hypocaloric, it is one of the healthiest diets for weight management and if required, weight loss.

For more info about organizing Mediterranean Diet and nutrition, check Mediterranean Diet Recipes and Mediterranean Diet Food List articles (both links open in the new window).

Here is the full list of our recipes. You can follow them by the letter or adjust them to your personal needs.

Enjoy! :)

Boiled Skinless Boneless Turkey Thigh with Broccoli

turkey broccoli mPoultry is a common part of Mediterranean cuisine, turkey included. Skinless boneless turkey thigh is very low in fats and much tastier than turkey or chicken breasts.

When combined with broccoli, skinless boneless turkey thigh becomes an excellent meal for anybody looking for a fairly tasty meal without additional 'ballast' calories. And it is rather simple and easy to make...

Published: October 29, 2021.

Bacon and Eggs Toast Sandwich

bacon egg sandwich mBacon and eggs can be used to make a quick, but great tasting snack, and when combined with the whole grain toast and some cherry tomatoes, it can make us feel satiated even for hours.

The recipe itself is simple and it takes perhaps 10 minutes to make two bacon with eggs toast sandwiches.

Published: October 6, 2021.

Barbequed Sea Bass

flagstone-bbq-sea-bass-mBarbequed sea bass or any similar fish is a great-tasting meal that is also a great source of natural vitamin D.

Barbequed food tastes so much better, but it is not very healthy to eat it because of compounds found in food due to oil dripping on embers. But, it can be avoided ...

Published: September 20, 2021.

Raspberries Blueberries Juice/Smoothie

raspberries blackberries mRaspberries and blueberries are rich in various vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants, and they taste great.

Fresh raspberries and blueberries taste much better when they are fresh, but the frozen ones are available year long and can also be used for making smoothies, juices, and other meals...

Published: August 24, 2021.

Halibut Fillets and Potato Soup Recipe

halibut fillet soupHalibut is one of the richest natural vitamin D sources with almost 1100 IU per 100g of fish meat (Greenland Halibut).

Just a 50g of halibut can provide a daily amount for an adult. And halibut and potato soup is an easy and very tasty recipe to make.

Published: August 20, 2021.

Protein Pancake Recipe - A Healthy Pancake Recipe From Scratch

protein-pancake-recipe-m1protein-pancake-recipe-m2There are various recipes for making healthy pancakes that also taste well - this is one of them and I like both its taste and its nutrients profile.

The recipe is simple to follow, but it takes some practice when baking pancakes.

Published: June 10, 2021.

Steamed Marinated Chicken Breasts and Broccoli

broccoli-chichen-m Steamed marinated chicken breasts and broccoli is an easy and fast meal to make.

It takes maybe 25 - 30 minutes to cook, but it takes only a few minutes to prepare all ingredients and to put them to cook. And after cooking, all you have to clean is steam cooker - great :o)

Published: April 29, 2021.

Scrambled Omega-3 Eggs and Egg Whites with Lettuce and Spring Onions

thin scrambled eggs mspring onion lettuce mScrambled eggs are an excellent source of protein, some minerals and vitamins, and healthy fats, especially if omega-3 and/or organic eggs are used.

However, too many eggs can raise the amount of fats and calories, which cannot always fit our daily nutrition needs - hence, whole omega-3 eggs can be made using egg whites.

Published: March 3, 2021.

Chicken Breasts Stew with Pasta and Salad

chicken breasts stew m1chicken breasts stew m2Chicken breasts are an excellent source of low-fat proteins and when combined with plenty of vegetables and just a little bit of pasta and olive oil, one gets a very tasty and balanced meal that can be made rather quickly.

Published: February 16, 2021.

Shrimp Pasta With Lettuce and Tomato Salad

shrimp pasta mShrimps and pasta go hand in hand in Mediterranean cuisine, and when combined with fresh, leafy lettuce and cherry tomatoes, one gets an extra tasty and healthy meal.

Also, this is another very easy meal to make, with the recipe being simple and straightforward.

Published: February 15, 2021.

Scrambled Eggs with Mixed Salad

scrambled eggs mScrambled eggs are an excellent source of some minerals, vitamins, healthy fats, and proteins, and when combined with mixed salad, one gets a healthy meal that can be consumed for breakfast, as a daily snack or even lunch, and of course, as a dinner.

As always, it is highly recommended to use organic and/or omega-3 eggs, and organically grown vegetables.

Published: February 13, 2021.

How to Make Bedtime Protein Shakes and Smoothies

blueberry bedtime smoothie mBedtime protein shakes and smoothies can be excellent choice for last meal of the day. Combining slow digesting protein sources with sources of complex carbs, fats and fibers, one creates very satiating, tasty meals with limited amount of calories.

Simple Raspberry, Strawberry Casein Protein Smoothie

raspberry casein smoothie mRaspberries and strawberries can be used to make protein smoothie with low glycemic load, a smoothie which digests slowly and feeds the body with nutrients for a longer period of time.

Although protein powders are not part of traditional Mediterranean diet, they can help one to make healthy meals quickly and easily.

Sauteed Halibut Fillets

sauteed-halibut-fillets-mSauteed halibut fillets are great tasting fish meal, high in vitamin D. Just like halibut fillets, one can prepare other fish fillets using this method.

Boiled Saddled Seabream - How to Cook a Pan Fish

boiled-saddled-seabream-1mA pan fish can be great source of vitamin D, lean animal protein and other vitamins and minerals, at acceptable price. Even if buy some fatty fish, those fats are healthy fats and the fattier the fish, generally, the more vitamin D and omega-3 it has. Boiling is an easy and fast fay to prepare a great fish meal.

Pan Fried Sea Bass Fillets

pan fried sea bassSea Bass can be found year long as fresh or frozen whole fish or as a fillet. Pan frying is the simplest way of preparing any fish, quickly and easily. Using parsley, garlic, lemon juice and olive oil can turn great tasting fish into a delicacy.

Salmon and Norway Lobster Mixed Stew

salmon and norway lobster fish stewSalmon and Norway lobster mixed stew is not the quickest meal to make, but it is very tasty and rich in vitamin D, healthy fatty acids and other beneficial nutrients.

Fish Pate Recipe - Tuna Pate Recipe

fish-pate-recipe-mFish pate is one of my favorite snack recipes. It takes just a few minutes to make and it can stay in the fridge few days. And protein in tuna can is great muscle building macronutrient...

Chicken Caesar Salad Recipe

chicken-ceasar-salad-recipe-mChicken Caesar salad recipe is type of grilled chicken salad where grilled chicken meat is mixed with various vegetables creating main course salad. This grilled chicken salad recipe can be very fulfilling meal with low amount of calories.

Easy Shrimp Pasta Recipe - Cheat Meal Recipes

shrimp-pasta-recipe-14mShrimp pasta is one of my favorite cheat meals - it is quickly made, although it requires some cooking, but it is worth it. If you limit olive oil used for preparing this meal, you will get perfect protein + complex carbs meal, ideal as first solid meal after PWM. Even if you do add a little bit more olive oil, it is cheat time :)

Barbequed Squids and Vegetables - Low Carbs Cheat Meal

bbq-squids-2mBarbequed squids are very tasty and if you keep carbs low, you can have great cheat meal. 'Cheat' - you don't care (too much) about calories and nutrient intake in general.

Fried Trout

fried-trout-mFried trouts are rich in protein, low on fat, have no carbs. There are some minerals and omega-3. Content of fats can be increased with olive oil, but beware of calories.

Steamed Mussels and Broccoli

steamed mussels and broccoliSteamed mussels and broccoli is one of the healthiest meals around, very fulfilling and it is made quickly and easily.

Steamed Prawns with Vegetable Mix

prawns-with-veggies-mSteamed prawns with vegetable mix is quick, healthy and tasty meal. It is rich in protein and carbs with plenty of vitamins, minerals and healthy fats. Adding olive oil improves already great taste and also increases calories from fats.

Mixed Fish Stew Recipe

fish-stew-recipe-2-mFish stew recipes are one of my favorite fish recipes. It is very tasty, can be made relatively quickly and depending on side dish, can be even low calorie meal. But, most often, it is one of my cheat meals.

Grilled Salmon Fillets with Zucchini

salmon-fillets-zucchini-mGrilled salmon fillets with vegetables (zucchini this time) is one of the best meals for anybody wanting low calorie, protein rich meal. Fats are moderate, but this fat comes from one of the best sources - salmon.

Grilled Sea Bream Recipe - Healthy Grilled Fish Recipes

grilled-sea-bream-mGilthead sea bream is one of the delicacies from the sea - it is rich in protein and healthy fats and can be found year around on fish markets. Sea bream grilled in non-stick grilling pan is quick and easy recipe to make.

Grilled Sardines Recipe

grilled-sardines-mGrilled sardines recipe is one of the simplest fish recipes around. Grilling sardines on non-stick grilling pan creates very quick and healthy meal for everyone, loaded with vitamins, minerals, omega-3 fatty acids ...

Canned Sardine Recipes

 canned-sardine-recipes-mCanned sardines are one of the best canned foods that exists. Sardines can be canned in ordinary vegetable oil, olive oil, tomato juice, salt water etc. As food, canned sardines are eaten whole, with the bones (softened by canning process) - very rich in protein, omega-3, vitamin D, calcium, phosphorous and other macro and micronutrients...

Canned Mackerel Recipes

 canned-mackerel-recipes-mcanned-mackerel-pasta-salad-mMackerel is one of the most common species of fish that can be found - fresh, fresh frozen, canned etc. Mackerel recipes using canned mackerel don't taste so good as freshly caught, prepared and eaten mackerel, but nonetheless, they can provide us with good source of animal protein, also rich in healthy fats and some minerals and vitamins.

Mussels Pasta Recipe - Cooking Frozen Mussels

mussels-pasta-recipe-mMussels pasta recipe is quick and relatively easy recipe to make. Cooking frozen mussels is practically the same as cooking fresh mussels - fresh mussels taste better, but frozen ones are available all year long ...

Fried Hake Fillets and Vegetables

fried-hake-filletsFried hake fillets are rich in protein, low on fat, have no carbs. There are some minerals and omega-3, but not much of omega-3 when compared with some fattier fish.

Steamed Broccoli and Salmon Filets

steamed broccoli and salmonSteamed vegetables and fish is one of the healthiest meals one can have. Steamed broccoli and salmon are top of the top ...

Quick Salmon Marinade - How to Marinade Salmon Fillets

quick-salmon-marinade-7-mSalmon fillets are great source of protein and healthy fats. Salmon is very tasty fish, but even a quick marinade can improve taste even further ...

Pan Grilled European Sea Bass - Branzino - With Wholegrain Pasta

pan-grilled-branzino-with-whole-grain-pasta-mPan grilled European Sea Bass - Branzino - with wholegrain pasta is one of my favorite protein + complex carbs meals, suitable as last solid meal before workout or as first solid meal after workout. Of course, I don't mind having it whenever it fits my daily eating plan :o)

Fried Prawns With No Oil - A Healthy Snack Or Whole Meal

fried-prawns-mPrawns fried on non-stick frying pan are great and healthy snack or a whole meal, depending on a side dish you are going to eat with them - some vegetable mix, salad etc. Or, one can eat them simply as chips ...

Stuffed Calamari Recipe - Sauteed Calamari Recipe

stuffed-calamari-recipe-mstuffed-calamari-recipe-m2There are many ways of preparing calamari, whether you are on a diet or not. Grilled or baked stuffed calamari is one of my favorite calamari recipes. It takes some time to make, but it is worth your time and effort. And this is one of my favorite cheat meals, so don't even bother on counting calories ...

Canned Salmon Recipes

canned-salmon-sandwich-mSalmon is one of the most popular fish species that can be found on our menus. It is rich in protein, omega-3 fatty acids, some minerals and vitamins. Mercury levels are low in salmon, so it is more than safe to eat - fresh, frozen, canned etc.

Canned Tuna Recipes

canned-tuna-sandwich-mRecipes for canned tuna are quick and easy meals to make. Canned tuna can be consumed as one pleases and canned tuna can be kept for longer periods of time.

Canned tuna recipes and recipes for other canned fish, benefit from the fact that canned fish meat can be eaten right away from the cans and there is no need for any kind of cooking of such fish meat.

Egg Whites and Beans Salad

egg-whites-and-beans-salad-smallEgg whites and beans salad is simple, easy and quick meal to make.

Eggs, Cheese and Peas Salad

eggs-peas-cheese-salad-smalEggs, cheese and peas salad is one of the quickest and easiest meals to prepare.

Potato Salad

potato-salad-mPotato salad is very fulfilling salad. It can be eaten alone (vegetarian meal) or as side dish with fish, meat, eggs etc.

Lettuce Salad

lettuce-mLettuce Salad is sometimes considered as one of the 'real' salads. This is very voluminous meal, yet, it has so few calories.

Peas, Pasta, Broccoli Salad

peas-pasta-broccoli-mPeas, pasta, broccoli salad is very fulfilling salad and it takes it maybe 10-15 minutes to make it. Main ingredients are frozen peas, frozen broccoli and some whole wheat pasta. If you want, you can add some low fat or cottage cheese. Low fat or cottage cheese can be added to increase protein content.

Mashed Cauliflower with Peas

cauliflower-and-peas-mMashed Cauliflower with Peas is great side dish for meatheads, but also can be full meal for vegans with or without added vegetable protein.

Sweet Corn with White and Red Cabbage Salad

corn cabbage saladSweet corn with white and red cabbage salad is very fulfilling type of salad, loaded with vitamins, minerals, fibers and other nutrients. It is quickly made and very tasty. In order to keep calories low, be very careful with salad dressing (read labels) and oil.

Japanese Quail Eggs and Pasta Salad

jap-quail-egg-salad-mJapanese quail eggs and pasta salad is main course type of salad - it can be great daily snack or even full meal. This salad is quick and easy meal to make ...

Mixed Salad with Egg Whites

mixed-salad-with-egg-whites-2mMixed Salad with egg whites is main course salad. It is very voluminous dish and if made without oil or with minimum amount of oil, it is also very low in calories.

Chicken and Beans Salad

chicken-beans-salad-smallChicken and beans salad is one of the fastest recipes we have around. All you need is can of some vegetable (beans in this case), some already made meat (chicken) – and quick, healthy meal is ready in just a few minutes.

Peas, Cheese and Pasta Salad

peas-cheese-pasta-smallPeas, cheese and pasta salad is very fulfilling salad and it takes it maybe 10-15 minutes to make it. Main ingredients are frozen peas, low fat or cottage cheese and some whole wheat pasta.

Salami and Cheese Sandwich

Salami and Cheese SandwichSalami and Cheese Sandwich is quick and easy snack to make. It is also healthy meal, if you pay attention to ingredients.

Omega-3 Egg Sandwich with Tomato

egg-sandwich-with-tomato-mOmega-3 egg sandwich with tomato is quick snack recipe suitable in the morning for a breakfast or for any other meal during the day ...

Steamed Turkey Breasts with Vegetables

steamed turkey breasts with vegetablesSteamed turkey breasts with vegetables represents great meal for anybody watching calories and wanting to get lean - or stay there.

Pan Fried Turkey Breast

grilled-turkey-breast-mPan fried turkey breast can be tasty and healthy meal that can be prepared in just a few minutes. Marinating turkey breast enhance flavor of turkey breast meat.

How to Marinate a Pork Tenderloin - Pork Tenderloin Marinade

marinate-pork-mmarinate-pork-m2Pork is often avoided by people wanting to lose some weight or by those wanting to stay in shape - with no reason. Lean pork cuts are great source of protein and some vitamins and minerals. Fat content is low, often less than 2g of fat per 100g of lean meat.

Such meat can have great taste, but when marinated, it is a delicacy ...

Marinated Chicken Breasts

marinated chicken breastsChicken breasts are great source of animal protein with very low amounts of fats and no carbs. It is easy to marinate any meat, chicken breasts included. It will make great change for your taste buds with no or almost no additional calories.

Caesar Salad with Minced Beef

caesar-salad-with-minced-beef-mCaesar salad with minced beef is not so quick and not so easy meal to make - when compared with other recipes around Staying Fit. But it is definitely a recipe worth trying to make - it is one of my favorite cheat meals and a very good meal as first solid meal after a workout.

Boneless Skinless Chicken Thigh

chicken-thigh-5Boneless skinless chicken thigh recipe is simple and tasty meal to make. It is packed with animal protein, mineral and vitamins and with veggies as side dish, represents full and balanced meal. It takes some time to make, but it is well worth it.

Grill Pan Fried Chicken Breast with Sauerkraut

chicken breast and sauerkrautGrill pan fried chicken breast with sauerkraut are one of my recipes using sauerkraut. Chicken breast provides lean protein, while sauerkraut provides great taste, aroma, some complex carbs and fibers.

Stuffed Beef Recipe

stuffed beef recipeStuffed beef recipes are one of my favorite cheat meals. It takes some time to prepare them, but taste and fragrance are delicious.

Procedure is simple and straightforward, but as I said, it takes some time.

Chicken Breasts and Rice

chicken breasts and rice mChicken breasts with rice represent meal high in protein and relatively fast carbs and very low in fat. It is great daily meal for ectomorphs and maybe mesomorphs. Endomorphs should be eating it only on high carbohydrate days as last solid meal before workout and first solid meal after workout.

Schnitzels Recipe - Veal Schnitzels

veal-mVeal schnitzels recipe is simple and tasty meal to make. Packed with animal protein, mineral and vitamins with veggies as side dish, represent full and balanced meal for every occasion - daily meal, bed time meal, last solid meal before workout, first solid meal after workout etc

Barbecue Spice Rub Recipe

barbecue spice rubBarbecue spice rub is used to enhance flavor, aroma and fragrance of the food being prepared on the barbecue. Barbecued food is not often found on the menu of people trying to stay under 10% body fat (BF), but from time to time, we all need some relaxation - both body and mind :o)

Egg Whites with Mushrooms and Tomato Salad

egg-whites-mushrooms-megg-whites-mushrooms-m1Egg whites with mushrooms and cherry tomato salad is very easy and quick meal to make. It is very low in fat and carbohydrates and rich in protein and dietary fibers - ideal meal for anybody on cutting diet. On the other hand, any meal like this will make you satiated for only limited period of time ...