Mediterranean Diet 101

1500 Calories a Day Diet Meal Plan

1500 calories a day meal plan is very balanced meal plan containing all necessary nutrients for a body to function properly. Meals are rather simple and easy to make and can be easily adjusted to suit individual needs and preferences. 

steamed mussels broccoli 6

Meal plan is given in the following table:

Time Meal/Food Amount Protein Carbs Fats Fibers
07:00 Canned Mackerel Sandwich - 23g 35g 14g 10g
10:30 Egg Whites and Beans Salad - 45g 34g 3g 15g
14:00 Steamed Mussels with Broccoli - 47g 37g 9g 10g
17:00 Mixed Fruits Salad 250g ~4g ~15g ~2g ~7g
20:00  Whole Grain Toast with Fish Pate 3 toasts 24g 33g 6g 6g
Total:   145g 155g 35g 36g
   Calories (kcal):  580 kcal 620 kcal 315 kcal -

This meal plan contains around 1515 kcal, mostly from carbs and protein and around 20% from fats. Fiber content is very good - around 35-36g, which is very helpful in keeping one satiated for longer period of time and for health of digestive system.

Breakfast is simple canned mackerel sandwich. Fresh fish is better, but canned fish is prepared in no time.

Snack is combinations of egg whites and canned beans. Again, if you have time to cook beans, go for it. One of the good things about beans is that they can be kept in the fridge for some time, so when cooking them, cook enough for 2-3 meals.

Lunch are steamed mussels with broccoli. If you want to increase amount of calories, feel free to add a tablespoon (or just half of tablespoon) of olive oil to this meal. Note that a tablespoon of olive oil contains 15g of oil which equals to 135 kcal.

Afternoon snack is simple bowl of mixed fruits with low glycemic index, berries or citrus fruits. If you want to increase calories, eat a pear or two or few figs one hour before lunch.

Dinner are three whole grain toasts with fish pate. If you don't have fish pate, or you don't like it, eat some cottage or low fat cheese and perhaps few almonds.

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