Mediterranean Diet 101

1000 Calories a Day Diet Meal Plan

1000 calories a day meal plan is for smaller framed people with slow metabolism and desk jobs wanting to gradually lose some weight. Personally, there is no much room for eating less calories that this and IMHO, you shouldn't.

mixed salad with egg whites 2

If you really want to lose weight, don't eat less, but try to burn more - join the gym, practice martial arts, get yourself a nice treadmill or elliptical machine, walk more etc.

1000 calories meal plan is given in the following table:

Time Meal/Food Amount Protein Carbs Fats Fibers
07:00 Mixed Salad with Egg Whites - 33g 19g 1g 5g
10:30 Mixed Berries Salad 250g ~4g ~15g ~2g ~7g
14:00 Mashed Cauliflower with Peas  Half of the recipe 7g 12g 1g 7g
Pan Grilled European Sea Bass - Branzino 150g 27g 0g 4g 0g
Olive Oil Half Tablespoon (8g) 0g 0g 8g 0g
17:00 Lettuce Salad - 2g 3g 8g 4g
Water Canned Salmon 80g 16g 0g 4g 0g
20:00  Broccoli  200g  5g  14g 1g 5g
Cottage Cheese 150g 18g 3g 4g 0g
Total:   110g 65g 35g 28g
   Calories (kcal):  440 kcal 260 kcal 315 kcal -

Calories in this meal plan come mostly from proteins, but healthy fats and complex carbs are present, too. With 65g of carbs, person stays away from ketosis and 35g of fats provide adequate amount of fats for body to function properly. 28g of fibers are enough for digestive system to work properly - fibers should not go below 25g per day.

Breakfast is based on bunch of fresh veggies and egg whites and it provides plenty of proteins and complex carbs to keep one satiated for some time. Fats are low - personally, I would add single whole omega-3 egg here, but with allowed maximum of 1000 kcal, it is rather hard.

Snack is mixed berries salad. Instead of berries, feel free to use fruits with low glycemic index.

Lunch: Mashed cauliflower with peas, grilled branzino and half of tablespoon of olive oil. There is bread or pasta here, so eat your food slowly and enjoy every bite. If you want, add some lemon juice.

Afternoon snack is lettuce salad with water canned salmon. Instead of canned fish, you can use for example boiled hake fillets or half of medium size branzino which you already made for lunch.

Dinner is combination of boiled or steamed broccoli and 2-3 tablespoons of cottage cheese.

If you want to increase amount of healthy fats in this meal plan, add 2-3 omega-3 pills during the day, but not more than than. Single omega-3 egg contains 5-6g of fats and I would recommend adding a boiled egg to the dinner (or breaktfast!) instead of pills.

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