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OXA Smart Powerful 4-in-1 Versatile Immersion Hand Blender Set Review

OXA Smart Powerful 4-in-1 Versatile Immersion Hand Blender has variable 12 speed control (6 x 2) and the attachment is 8 inches. The base unit is 8.5 inches. Thus total height of the blender is 16.5 inches with the central attachment. The blender also features turbo mode to grind kitchen ingredients quickly.

oxa smart hand blender 1

Package of OXA Smart Hand Blender contains:

- Black 300-watt handheld stick blender motor

- 20-ounce (600ml) beaker (BPA-free)

- 16-ounce (500ml) food processor bowl (BPA-free)

- Whisk attachment

- Splash guard

Features of OXA Smart Hand Blender


OXA Smart Hand Blender has a 300-watt motor that allows easy blending, chopping, whisking and whizzing within seconds.


This blender has a 304 stainless steel blade with super sharp edges that can chop all types of foods, no matter whether they are dry or wet, or even frozen, such as fruits, vegetables, nuts and leaves.


OXA Smart has a very sleek, lightweight yet solid design. It also has a rubberized handle to make grip secure. It also has splash guard that prevents food from splattering.


OXA Smart Hand Blender is useful to leave foods chunky with its quick pulse setting or blend till they become smooth so as to make salsas, hummus, sauces, purees, pesto, smoothies and much more.

Also, this blender can be used not only with the included beaker, but with any other container users want, such as mixing bowls and saucepans. Since blades’ material is high-quality stainless steel, they can be immersed even in hot foods.


This hand blender is perfect for whipping cream or beat eggs to a fluffy mush that can be used for baking and meringues; thus it eliminates the need of draining one’s arms in an attempt to get the correct consistency.


OXA Smart Hand Blender can blitz soup in a few seconds. It has a great range of attachments to eliminate stress from kitchen work.

Ease of Use

OXA Smart is very easy to use. Users just have to choose the attachment that’s suitable to the task they want to do, i.e. whisk, mix or blend. Then they have to fit the attachment in place on the blender, select the appropriate power setting from the twist dial at the top of the blender. Next press power or turbo button and it’s done. The blender will quickly mix, blend or whisk the ingredients.


This blender is smooth and quiet.


All removable parts of OXA Smart Hand Blender are dishwasher safe. However, the whisk gear/chopping bowl lid are not dishwasher safe. The blending stick can be removed from the motor unit and the processor bowl and beaker are BPA-free.


OXA Smart Hand Blender comes with a 2-year warranty.

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Pros of OXA Smart Hand Blender

- Powerful yet quiet 300-watt motor

- 6 x 2 variable speed control

- Turbo speed function

- 8 inch arm attachment and 8.5 inch base together make up 16.5 inches with a main attachment which is helpful during grinding

- Able to reach the bottom of the plastic jar included in the package

- The cord of this hand blender is 60-inch long so that it can be moved anywhere easily

- 2 year warranty

- Great customer service

Cons of OXA Smart Hand Blender

- Some users complain that the blender stops abruptly; if this happens within the warranty period, they provide replacement promptly though

- A user has also complained that the blender has been made with flimsy parts; however, several other users are happy with the blender

- The whisk gear/chopping bowl lid are not dishwasher safe

- Produce should be cut into small pieces before placing into the blending bowl

- Turbo button cannot be used longer than 1 minute

- Blades should be handled carefully because they are very sharp

- The motor cannot be immersed in water

- Price has been quickly increased due to popularity

Bottom Line

OXA Smart Hand Blender is a versatile blender that can be used for making various dishes easily and quickly. Although some users have complaints about its durability and working, many other users find it useful.

All in all, those who first want to invest in a hand blender can try OXA.

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