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Nutri Ninja Blender-Food Processor with Auto-iQ BL682 Review

For enabling users to make flavorful smoothies and soups quickly and easily, Nutri Ninja has come up with the Ninja Kitchen System BL682 with Auto-IQ, smart settings and a range of blades and attachments.

Nutria Ninja is renowned for making professional-grade, powerful appliances for household kitchens.

Nutri Ninja BL682 contains all of Nutri Ninja’s features including a 1,500 watt motor, which powers the machine through whole frozen vegetables and fruits and forms a smooth consistency eliminating the chunks in users’ favorite recipes.

This is a full-sized version of Nutri Ninja’s Compact Kitchen System. The machine also works fantastically through ice, forming snow within just a few seconds, thus making it possible for users to make smoothies and shakes any time.

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Specifications of Nutri Ninja BL682

- Dimensions when Assembled: 44 H x 16.5 W x 24 L cm

- Weight: 8.5 kg

- Material: Polycarbonate

- Color: Black, silver and transparent

- Motor: 1,500 Watt/2hp

- Warranty: 12 months

Package of Nutri Ninja BL682

The package of Nutri Ninja BL682 contains:

- 1 Motor Base with Auto IQ Technology

- 1 Total Crushing Blender

- 1 2.1L (72oz) blender pitcher

- 1 1.8L (64oz) food processor bowl

- 1 6-stacked blade assembly

- 1 Pro Extractor Blade

- 1 Dough Blade

- 1 large 32oz cup

- 1 medium 24oz cup

- 1 small 18oz cup

- 2 flip-top Sip & Seal lids

- 1 two-part food pusher

- 1 recipe booklet

- 1 instruction manual

Features of Nutri Ninja BL682

Auto-IQ Settings and Manual Speeds

Nutri Ninja BL682 features four Auto-IQ settings which deliver consistent blending and meal making results. This is great for beginners. However, the machine also has manual settings which pros will appreciate.

Auto IQ Precision Pulse

Auto-IQ Precision Pulse of Nutri Ninja BL682 lets users control chopping and thus delivers an even consistency.

LED Timer

Users can see blending time with the LED Timer on BL682 which eliminates guesswork and lets users to do the other tasks in the kitchen. The LED display counts down during a program and up during manual settings (Low/Dough, Med, High). Each setting is started by an On/Off power button. This same button can pause a program.

Total Crushing Technology

Turning ice into snow is possible with the Total Crushing Technology of BL682 for perfect frozen cocktails and smoothies.


Each of the containers can be attached to the base unit with a quick twist.


BL682 comes with a Pro Extractor Blade for each of the pitchers, a plastic dough blade for the processing bowl, a stainless steel four-bladed chopping tool and a six-bladed tool for the blender pitcher. The dough blade and six-bladed tool have lids that push and lock on via a release button for removal and a small, hinged flap that enables users to add liquids while blending. This is great for making sauces.

Multiple Cup Sizes

With the 3 cups of BL682 of various sizes, users can make various amounts of drinks to meet their different needs.


BL682 is extremely versatile and can make anything from frozen cocktails, pastry, baby foods, batters, dough, ground spices, nut butters, minced meat, sauces, dips and more.


Cleaning the parts of BL682 is a breeze as they are dishwasher-safe or can be manually washed just by adding a mixture of water and soap to the containers, and then running the machine at a high speed and then rinsing with plain water.


BL682 comes with a 12-month warranty.

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Pros of Nutri Ninja BL682

- Powerful motor

- Offers control over blending time with Auto-IQ technology

- Automatic programs as well as manual controls

- Versatile

- Dishwasher-safe

- Various cup sizes

Cons of Nutri Ninja BL682

- Expensive

- Bulky and heavy

- Not suitable for hot liquids

- Noisy

- Short warranty

Bottom Line

Nutri Ninja BL682 is great for users who make shakes and smoothies on a regular basis and in large quantities or even in small sizes with its powerful motor, variety of settings, cups and accessories, and comprehensive recipe book. But it may not be suitable to those who use a food processor only infrequently as they may find it overwhelming.

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