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Hamilton Beach 67750 Juice Extractor Review

The Hamilton Beach Juice Extractor 67750 is an 800-watt dual-speed juicer. This budget friendly juicer is neither very impressive to look at nor the most powerful. Neither does it have all the smart technological features and attractive design that other, more expensive juicers have.

However, it has a strong value proposition as it can be perfect for those who long for natural juice but are on budget.

Hamilton Beach 67750 Juice Extractor Specifications

Dimensions: 9.8 x 16.9 x 15.2 inches
Weight: 10.8 lbs.
Type: Centrifugal, 2 speeds
Motor: 800-watt (1.1 Hp power output)
Other: Large chute and container, dishwasher-safe detachable parts

hamilton 2 speed beach juice extractor 1

Hamilton Beach 67750 Juice Extractor Features

Feed Tube: The feed tube of Hamilton Beach 67750 is pretty wide.

Two Speeds: Hamilton Beach Juice Extractor 67750 features two speeds that offer more control over juicing.

800-watt Motor: Given the low price of the juicer, the 800-watt motor is quite significant.

Container: Container is BPA-free and is pretty large i.e. 40-ounce to save your trouble of stopping and emptying the bin repeatedly and allow you to juice for longer. This container also features a froth separator.

Easy Assembly and Storage: Big Mouth Hamilton Beach is easy to assemble and disassemble and store. Users just have to insert the strainer and the lid has to be locked with latches.

Easy Cleanup: The parts of this juicer are dishwasher-safe making cleanup a breeze. Even the strainer basket can be washed and cleaned of any fiber and pulp buildup.

Large Chute: If users are lazy to cut vegetables and fruits in small pieces or don’t have time for that, the chute of Hamilton Beach is pretty large to accommodate large pieces or users can even put whole vegetables and fruits in it. This cuts preparation time, and offers quick and easy juicing.

Warranty: This juicer comes with an impressive warranty of 3 years for parts.

Accompaniments: Hamilton Beach juicer is available with recipes, a juice cup and cleaning brush.

Performance and Durability: While Hamilton Beach is a budget juicer, it’s not necessary not to expect good performance from it. However, keeping overly expectations is impractical. Moreover, it’s pretty durable and many customers are using it for years. Plus it’s extremely speedy too and extracts juice from a whole apple in just 3 seconds. And it extracts juice from even the toughest of produce.

Plus Points

- Hamilton Beach is extremely durable. Some customers got it broken after years of heavy daily use which means the machine gave an outstanding performance despite being low priced.

- As compared to other expensive juicers, Hamilton Beach is easier to clean and also forms ‘smoother’ juice that offers a better feeling in mouth.

Minus Points

blueberies hb m- A few customers found that juicing with Hamilton Beach 67750 was not up to their expectations because chunks of spinach and carrots were left in it.

- Some customers complain that the juicer splatters the juice everywhere.

- A few other customers say that the parts don’t fit together properly causing juice to splatter everywhere - be very careful when cleaning and assembling the unit, especially if you prefer juices from fruits and vegetables that cause hard-to-remove stains, like blueberries and similar fruits!

- Some other customers have a concern about the too high noise level of the juicer - after all, it comes with 800 W motor.

About its ability to take in whole fruits and vegetables, many buyers note that they still have to be cut in 2-3 pieces though not in very small pieces.

All in all, Hamilton Beach 67750 is a low-priced juicer that gives an excellent performance for years which is remarkable given that price. A few complaints do exist but they seem more to be defects than problems. And it’s also noteworthy that majority of buyers are happy with the juicer’s performance and durability. Plus, the juicer has a massive 3-year warranty should it undergo any problem, while other more expensive juicers feature only 1-year warranty.

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