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Farberware 70043 Stack 'N' Steam 3-Qt. Covered Saucepot Insert Stainless Steel Steamer Set Review

If one is looking for a long-lasting, multipurpose cooking device, Farberware 70043 Stack 'N' Steam Steamer Set is perfect. This cooking utensil is made of sturdy materials and can make one’s cooking job easy with its innovative design that offers two methods of cooking.

It’s neither too big to occupy a big space in one’s kitchen nor too small to need one to cook small batches of food multiple times, and thus is perfectly sized for most families. With its dishwasher safe parts, cleaning is a breeze and eliminates any hygiene hazard.

Published: August 23, 2020.

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Farberware 70043 Stack 'N' Steam Steamer Set Specifications

- Dimensions: 8.80 x 8.80 x 7.80 inches (22 x 22 x 20 cm) (L x W x H)

- Weight: 3.5 lbs. (1.6 kg)

- Materials: Stainless steel (saucepot), aluminum (steamer) and screw-welded phenolic (handles)

- Capacity: 3 quarts for saucepot, 2 quarts for steamer insert

- Warranty: Lifetime limited warranty

Features of Farberware 70043 Stack 'N' Steam Steamer Set


The Farberware 70043 has an impressively strong construction designed to last. Business Insider has even awarded it with the Best Stovetop Steamer for 2020. It contains two parts – a thick aluminum core in the form of a stacking steamer pot and the surrounding stainless steel saucepot. The outer saucepot comes with an 18/10 stainless steel lid. This design is capable of heating the food evenly and quickly on any stovetop, including induction.

The stainless steel used in the construction is heavy-duty 18/10 and is polished to a mirror finish to look elegant and suit any kitchen décor, and for a pleasant touch.

Since the aluminum core at the base is completely covered in stainless steel, just like the remaining pot and the steamer, the pot bottom too resists discoloring and corrosion, and cleans up easily.

The pot is 4 ½ inches deep and has a tight-fitting, domed lid, and is quite roomy.


The capacity of the saucepot is 3 quarts and that of the steamer insert is 2 quarts. This is a very good capacity since it’s neither insufficient nor more than sufficient. It’s satisfactory for most families. The steamer basket can hold a significant amount of vegetables and they don’t drop in the water due to imbalance while taking the basket out.


The lid that covers the saucepot-steamer set is also made of 18/10 stainless steel polished to a mirror finish and is self-basting. It helps seal heat and moisture in and keeps the food properly moistened for a delicious taste.

Thick Rolled Rims

The rims of the pots have been creatively designed and are thick and rolled, so that while pouring food from the pot to another pan or bowl, it doesn’t drip.


As per the company, the phenolic handles stay cool on a stovetop and are oven-safe up to 350°F. However, users may find them small and getting heated, hence they may have to use pot-holder or cloth of some kind. The upside of the small handles is that they take up only a small space in the storage.

Steamer Tray

The steamer tray offered along with the Farberware 70043 is a very useful accessory, because it keeps the food in the steamer much above the water level allowing users to use a generous amount of water so that the water doesn’t evaporate quickly.

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Compliance with Multiple Types of Stoves

The Farberware 70043 is compliant to various devices including induction cooktop, gas stove, halogen, radiant ring, ceramic or solid plate.


The Farberware 70043 is a multipurpose cooking device that users can use to make a sauce, or steam, simmer or boil foods. It has a steamer insert, but even without the insert, the pot can be used as a soup pot or a lobster pot.
The spacious pot can be used to simmer soups and stocks, and also to cook chili or braise veal shanks on a stovetop or in an oven.


The cleanup of the Farberware 70043 is very easy as the stacking steamer is dishwasher safe and can also be manually washed with a mixture of dishwasher soap and water.


The Farberware 70043 is supported by a limited lifetime warranty. But if users want to replace the product or any part of it, they should send it to the company on their own with a shipper specified by the company.

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Pros of Farberware 70043 Stack 'N' Steam Steamer Set

- Strong and sturdy construction

- Compact

- Attractive mirror finish

- Lightweight

- Compliant with most heating devices

- Versatile

- Saucepot can be used with or without steamer insert

- Quick and even heating

- Handles oven safe up to 350°F

- Dishwasher safe

- Affordably priced

Cons of Farberware 70043 Stack 'N' Steam Steamer Set

- Handles are relatively short and thus get heated

- Not microwave safe

Bottom Line

farberware sauce pot mThe Farberware 70043 Stack 'N' Steam Steamer Set is a compact cooking device which doesn’t take up a large space in one’s kitchen, but is versatile enough to do multiple jobs. It’s affordably priced and offers 2 pans at the price of one.

With the outer saucepot, users can cook plenty of dishes, including stocks and soups, whereas the inner stacking steamer insert helps users steam fish, vegetables, dumplings, and more.

The device has been built to last with high-quality stainless steel and aluminum materials. Its size, build quality, and performance can satisfy most users. All in all, it offers one of the best price-quality ratios.

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