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How to Grow Chives - Allium Schoenoprasum

chives allium schoenoprasum 1Chives (Allium Schoenoprasum) is 30cm (one foot) tall perennial plant that belongs to the same genus as garlic and onion.

It is grown for leaves (blades) and flowers. Chives is known for its spicy and strong aroma and flavor.

Cultivation: Sow the seeds between March and August on permanent location or in suitable pots. After plants start to grow, wait 10-15 days and then remove plants that grow too dense. If thinning is done before this period, it is likely that plants will break off above the top of the soil and probably grow again.

Chives doesn't require any special soil - any good garden/flower soil or mix will do fine. Use only organic fertilizers and use them more often in very small amounts. Similar is with watering - water chives frequently with relatively small amounts. This way, leaves/blades and flowers will be healthy with plenty of aroma - suitable even for keeping frozen.

But, if you need fresh chives all year long, it is easily grown on windowsill, although in that case, it will not last for years as will plants grown outside - plants grown outside in Autumn lose their foliage and are dormant till Spring, when they start to grow again.

Chives health benefits: chives helps regulate blood pressure, blood sugar, it helps digestion, it contains numerous vitamins and minerals, boosts immune system and fight cancer. On the other hand, some people are sensitive to chives and they should use it in small amounts (if at all!).

Cuisine: It is often used as part of soups, stews and similar meals. Also, it can be add to baked meat and fish. Some people add it even to ordinary sandwiches :)

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