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Whey Protein Health Benefits

 whey protein health benefitsWhey protein is one of the most often used sport supplements. If used properly, whey protein promotes muscle and other body tissues regeneration by providing necessary building blocks in the form of essential and non-essential amino acids.

Health Benefits of Whey Protein

Whey protein has PDCAAS value of 1.0 (maximum value) and very high protein bio-availability score, depending on the form of the whey protein - concentrate, isolate, hydrolysate and peptides.

Whey protein digests very quickly in the body, reaching maximum nitrogen levels in the blood after 30-60 minutes, form dependent and it is widely used after workouts to promote muscle regeneration and building of new muscle tissue.

whey protein health benefitsWhey protein contains non-essential and essential amino acids, BCAA included. BCAA content in whey protein supplements is around 20-25% - some manufacturers add even more BCAA to whey protein, thus increasing theirs whey protein supplements potency, but also the price of such supplements.

Whey protein is derived from milk and can be used by lacto-ovo vegetarians to increase daily protein intake. Due to it's fast digestion, whey protein when used as food, should be always slowed down by mixing with other foods - for example in Oatmeal Pancakes or various shakes and smoothies with cheese and fruits.

Whey protein is sometimes recommended to pregnant women to increase their daily essential amino acids intake - if you are pregnant and your doctor gave you this advice, OK. Essential amino acids can promote healthy growth of the baby and protect mom from various degenerative problems. Nonetheless, real food is real food and if you are planing on becoming pregnant, you are pregnant of you are breast feeding, focus yourself on the nutrition based on various healthy foods including (but not limited to) fish, poultry, red meat, omega-3 eggs, low fat and cottage cheese in order to increase daily protein intake, green and leafy vegetables, salads and various colored fruits (berries for example) to increase vitamin, mineral, fiber and antioxidants intake.

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