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Rice Health Benefits

 rice health benefitsRice is main ingredient of many recipes and it is widely used around the globe. Health benefits of rice depends on type used - white rice or brown rice, sometimes called whole grain rice.

There are more than 25,000 varieties of rice in the world today. Brown rice contains unmilled or partly milled grains of rice and retains the outer bran. These outer layers contain nutrients that are vital for human nutrition.

Also, there is a wild rice, as the form of rice - it has very specific flavor and it has even better macro and micronutrient content than brown rice.

Rice Macronutrient Content

Type of Rice Amounts Protein Carbs Fats Fiber Calories
White Rice 100g 13g 78g 0.6g 1.4g ~370 kcal
Brown Rice 100g 13g 77g 2.0g 9g ~380 kcal

Amounts are given for 100g of uncooked rice. As one can see, brown rice have more fats and much more fibers than white rice. White rice is therefore more easily and faster digested and has higher glycemic index.

Health Benefits of Rice

Rice is important source of energy for humans. Brown rice in combination with lean protein source is excellent last solid meal before workout, while white (or brown) rice with lean protein is great combination for first solid meal after workout (and after Post Workout Meal (PWM) shake).

Brown rice have more fats than white rice - it is shown by scientific studies that these rice oils can help in regulating blood sugar, LDL cholesterol levels etc. Nonetheless, to consume significant amounts of these fats, one should eat relatively large amounts of rice - plenty of energy - and if you are not marathon runner, that would be too much energy anyway. Vitamin and mineral content in brown rice is also higher than in white (polished) rice, but these levels, when compared with energy contained in rice, are far from being impressive. Fiber content in white rice is very low and this helps in it's fast digestion. Brown rice have solid amount of dietary fiber and this fiber can be very beneficial for digestive system.

Ectomorphs should use brown rice (and similar whole grain foods) to increase daily energy intake - except in the evening. Endomorphs should avoid rice whenever possible - when consumed, use portion control. Mesomorphs should consume rice depending on their current goals.

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