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Multivitamin Health Benefits

multivitamin health benefitsMultivitamins, multivitamin supplements or simply 'multi' are multivitamin and multimineral supplements, mostly in tablet form. They are cheap and reliably source of various vitamins and minerals, but often manufacturers add other nutrients to promote health and overall well being.

Multivitamin supplements, as all other supplements, should be taken after consultations with your doctor or physician.

Multivitamin benefits are numerous, especially for people having low intake of green and leafy vegetables and fruits, rarely eating fish, low fat or cottage cheese, poultry, red meat etc.

Everybody should try to consume daily amounts of vitamins and minerals from foods - often hard to accomplish, especially when on low calorie diets, when body can only benefit from increased intake of such micronutrients.

Are Multivitamins Good For You?

multivitamin health benefitsVitamins and minerals are present in every tissue of human body and they take part of numerous metabolic processes. Lacking some of them can have detrimental consequences to overall health and well being. As said before, it is best to have enough vitamins and minerals from natural sources, but simply it is not always possible - in those situations multivitamin and multimineral tablets can really help.

What Multivitamin Should I Take?

Amounts of vitamins and minerals in supplements vary - many 'one a day' formulas have vitamins and minerals levels around daily recommended doses. Thus, they can be taken freely without fearing of jeopardizing health with too much vitamins and minerals - yes, too much of vitamins and minerals can be sometimes harmful.

centrum-multiDepending on your vitamin and mineral deficiency, you should choose multi supplement for you. For example, if you are vegetarian (vegan), especially  during winter days, some good vitamin D and vitamin B12 supplement is highly recommended to increase their intake. If you believe that your vitamin and mineral intake is high enough, but you are feeling weak, ill and have low energy, few days of high(er) vitamin C doses can help in boosting immune system and providing enough energy for daily activities.

Some trainees on (very) low calorie diets take vitamins and minerals supplements with amounts much higher than recommended, but for shorter periods of time.

Again, whatever you do, consult your doctor first - nothing can beat balanced and proper nutrition ...

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