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Martial Arts Health Benefits

shotokankrav-magaMartial Arts are very popular way for becoming and staying fit. Many of them have been developed and perfected over centuries, while some of them are more recent. Practicing Martial Arts is very beneficial for people in modern world.

Most people today have more or less sitting jobs or jobs with limited physical activity. Nutrition tend to be 'on the run': fast foods or foods that can be eaten in restaurants - often very tasty, but with questionable macronutrient and micronutrient content.

All these factors lead most of the people to health problems like being overweight, heart and cardiovascular issues, bad stress management etc.

Health Benefits of Martial Arts

Practicing Martial Arts can have numerous benefits. Some of them are:

- increase in physical activity - this one is obvious, since practicing Martial Arts include countless repetitions of punches, strikes, kicks, moves, katas etc, but also plenty of basic exercises like various push-ups, squats, chin-ups, pull-ups, burpees etc. All these exercises can increase calorie consumption significantly and that leads to fat loss and muscle gains. With proper nutrition, fat loss and muscle gains can be further stimulated.

- better stress management - practicing Martial Arts can be great vent for releasing all of the stresses accumulated during the day(s) before workout.

- some Martial Arts are more practical in modern world than other in the way that one can learn how to defend from potential attacker much quicker - choose your Martial Art style according to your needs but also preferences. There are no 'better' or 'weaker' and certainly not 'the best' Martial Art :o)

- Martial Arts increase flexibility, self-confidence, promote better coordination and often lead to better self control and better self discipline. These are things that often lack in modern world.

- cardiovascular system benefits from rigorous workouts - heart and lungs are stronger and healthier. Since most of the Martial Arts benefits from better strength to weight ratio (Japanese Sumo included!), lowering body fats often leads to better cardiovascular and overall health.

When practicing Martial Arts, it is important to know that real life Martial Arts have very little in common with Martial Arts presented by Hollywood in various films. Certainly, when practicing Martial Arts, pain tolerances rise for every individual, but it is counterproductive to force body beyond certain limits. And what you take from your body, body will want it back ...

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