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Garlic Health Benefits

Health benefits of garlic are numerous and it is hard to mention them all in a single article. Cooked garlic has many benefits, not as much as raw one, but it doesn't have such a strong odor.

garlic health benefits

Since old ages, garlic had been known to treat or prevent countless illnesses and diseases. Nowadays, most of these claims have been disapproved, but nonetheless, healthy benefits of garlic are still numerous. Garlic, both raw and cooked, should be part of everybody's balanced diet, not substitution for it.

Using garlic has several drawbacks - it has very strong (and unpleasant) odor, some people don't tolerate raw garlic, some people are even allergic to garlic, too much garlic can even damage digestive system etc.

Health Benefits of Garlic

Modern science has proven several facts about garlic:

- it is strong natural broad-spectrum antibiotic and bacteria (for some reason) don't develop resistance to garlic

- it is strong antioxidant and helps fight free radicals in the body

- it helps in lowering bad (LDL) cholesterol

- it helps in regulating blood pressure

- it is rich in sulfur compounds, that are very beneficial for, for example, joints health

If you are taking medications of any kind for regulating blood pressure or coagulation, consult your doctor about garlic (and similar foods) usage. Garlic clove here and there can make no damage, but benefits can be great. There are several studies showing that garlic consumption of one clove per day, reduces blood pressure 1-5% and that can reduce chance for cardiovascular diseases up to 30-40%.

Personally, I use garlic because of it taste and fragrance. Sometimes it is cooked, but many times it is raw - crushed, choped, minced ... It is great with grilled fish, meat and similar foods.

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