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Cabbage Soup Health Benefits

cabbage soup health benefitsCabbage soup is a meal based on cabbage, of course. When mentioned, many people think of cabbage soup diet and eating this soup all day long, 7 days in the row. Cabbage soup is much more than that ...

When making cabbage soup for 'classic' Cabbage Soup Diet (and btw, a fad diet), it is supposed to make soup of almost nothing but cabbage - some carrots, onions, tomatoes are allowed. This is a fad diet and that kind of cabbage soup is maybe good for a single meal. But if you eat cabbage soup more often, for example several times per month, you are probably eating it for at least two meals per day (that day), than you should consider adding some lean meat into the soup.

Health Benefits of Cabbage Soup

When made with lean meat (turkey breast meat, chicken breast meat, veal or pork lean cuts etc.) and using very little oil, preferably extra virgin olive oil, than cabbage soup has many health benefits:

- good source of lean protein - protein from the meat in combination with protein from cabbage and other vegetables promotes muscle gains and feeling of fulness. This kind of foods are relatively hard to digest in regard of energy they have - foods that burn fat.

- good source of complex carbs - cabbage soup is slowly digested and it provides steady stream of carbs into the blood stream with no spikes. This provides body with plenty of constant energy for everyday activities.

- fat content is low, but this depends on the amounts used for cooking and on the type of used meat. If you used extra virgin olive oil, then there are much more monounsaturated fats than saturated fats.

- fiber content is great - very good for proper digestion and feeling of fulness.

- vitamin and mineral content is very favorable, but some vitamins don't like long cooking, not even on medium heat. When combining vegetables like cabbage, carrots, onions etc, you are sure that you are getting plenty of minerals from natural sources. Pills are pills, real food is real food :o)

Long story short - eating cabbage soup (with meat and various vegetables) can be very beneficial for digestive system, health and well being.

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