Health Benefits

There are various foods, herbs, supplements, exercises, sports in general, etc that are beneficial for human health. Some of them are both good and bad at the same time, depending on many things - age, weight, gender, body type, etc of a person and many other individual reasons.

Learn what foods, supplements, herbs, spices, sports, and exercises are best for you.

Here is the list of Health Benefits of various foods, spices, and even physical activities and supplements, ordered according to the date added or modified:

Cauliflower Health Benefits

cauliflower mBeing packed with various nutrients, cauliflower is one of the healthiest vegetables. Nutrients in cauliflower include unique phytonutrients that may lower the risk of various diseases, some of which are serious like cancer and heart disease.

Plus, it’s useful for those who want to lose weight and can be easily included in one’s diet.

Published: November 12, 2021.

Green Onions Health Benefits

potato salad 4Green onions, also known as scallions, have often been underestimated when it comes to nutrition. The fact is that green onions are affordable super-foods and can offer excellent health benefits without breaking the bank.

Therefore, in addition to eating fruits and other vegetables, health enthusiasts should include green onions in their daily diet by adding them to savory vegetable preparations and even sprinkling them to decorate soups and stews.

Published: October 20, 2021.

Apple Health Benefits

hb of apples mEvery gift by nature to humans is filled with goodness. Apples are no exception. They have got excellent taste and also excellent health benefits. No wonder, it’s said that an apple a day keeps the doctor away. Besides improving gut health and reducing the risk of stroke, apples have been found to benefit in high blood pressure, heart disease, diabetes, obesity, and even some cancers.

The U.S. Department of Agriculture suggests having a medium-sized apple to get a significant amount of vitamin C, other vitamins, minerals, and fiber.

Apples can be eaten raw or can be added to dishes like salads and grilled cheese. One can even have baked apples as a healthy dessert. Or one can add them to pulled chicken cooked in a slow cooker to have an easy, yet delicious lunch or dinner.

Published: July 19, 2021.

Pomegranate Health Benefits

pomegranatePomegranates are one of the most beneficial fruits/foods around. They are rich in various vitamins, minerals, and other micronutrients and fibers.

Pomegranate juice is often one of the favorite juices for kids...

Published: May 27, 2021.

Spinach Health Benefits

spinach health benefits mWhen it comes to healthy foods, spinach can be an important part of one’s diet because it’s loaded with nutrients that can increase one’s immunity, is easily available and one doesn’t have to break a bank to buy it – even one can grow their own spinach.

It’s also versatile and can be consumed in a variety of forms like juice, smoothie, health drink, added to pancakes and salads, made to chips, and added to baked goods like brownies.

Published: October 12, 2020.

Currants Health Benefits

currants hb mCurrants are known to most people as a fruit that can be eaten fresh or made into jams, marmalades, marinades and fruit tarts, or can be added fresh or dried to baked goods or even yogurts, either to replace sugar or raisins.

However, not many people know exactly what currants are, how they are produced and used, what types they have and whether they are grapes or a different fruit.

Published: July 24, 2020.

Watermelon Health Benefits

hb of watermelon mNormally watermelons are considered to be just a cool fruit that is nice to eat during hot summer months. It’s also seen that it contains a large amount of water as one’s mouth is filled with sweet watery substance while eating a watermelon. Thus, it can be hardly known that this watery-looking fruit contains a surprising amount of nutrients. But it’s true.

One may be surprised with the fact that a watermelon is richer in a highly esteemed carotenoid named lycopene than tomatoes...

Blackberries Health Benefits

blackberries hb mUsually it’s seen that all foods that are good for health are not very delicious. However, it’s just the opposite about blackberries. These tiny shiny clusters of black pearls are juicy, yummy and healthy as well.

Blackberries rank high on the most antioxidant-rich foods on the ORAC score. These berries contain four important nutrients as much as a third of their daily recommended value. They have also been found to treat almost everything from aging skin to cancers.

Tomato Health Benefits

hb of tomatoes mTomatoes is one of the most popular fruits in the world and the 4th most consumed vegetables in the US, after potatoes, lettuce and onion. Although technically a tomato is a fruit, as like all fruits it develops from the fertilized ovary of the plant, most people are habituated to think about it as a vegetable.

Also, it’s more commonly used in vegetable preparations and also is similar to foods in the vegetable group in terms of nutrient and calorie content.

Oranges Health Benefits

hb oranges mAn orange is a member of a class of fruits called citrus fruits and is by far the most popular fruits in the world. It’s believed to have originated in Eastern Asia before thousands of years. Today it’s cultivated around almost all warmer parts of the world and is consumed in the form of fresh fruits or juice due to its refreshing, tangy taste and amazing health benefits.

Blueberries Health Benefits

blueberies hb mHome grown or organic blueberries are one of the 'super-foods' which are consumed regularly by people on Mediterranean Diet. Blueberries have low glycemic load, they are rich in antioxidants, contain many vitamins and minerals, rich are in dietary fibers etc.

Dark Chocolate Health Benefits

dark chocolate hb mDark chocolate is one of the rare treats that can be eaten without feeling guilty for cheating on a diet. Health benefits of dark chocolate are numerous and many people can benefit from eating this great food - just be careful about amounts ...

Almonds Health Benefits

almonds health benefitsAlmonds uses as food are numerous - as seed, flour, oil, milk etc. Almonds have many health benefits - it lowers LDL cholesterol, it is rich in vitamin E and some vitamins and minerals. It is also very caloric food, so be careful regarding amounts...

Martial Arts Health Benefits

shotokanMartial Arts are very popular way for becoming and staying fit. Many of them have been developed and perfected over centuries, while some of them are more recent. Practicing Martial Arts is very beneficial for people in modern world.

Multivitamin Health Benefits

multivitamin health benefitsMultivitamins, multivitamin supplements or simply 'multi' are multivitamin and multimineral supplements, mostly in tablet form. They are cheap and reliably source of various vitamins and minerals, but often manufacturers add other nutrients to promote health and overall well being.

Kale Health Benefits

kale-garden-mKale is member of cabbage family of plants. It is not as 'famous' as ordinary cabbage or broccoli, but in regard of it's health benefits, kale stands next to the broccoli, even surpass it ...

Kiwi Health Benefits

kiwi-health-benefits-mKiwi fruits are rich in some vitamins, minerals, fibers, they contain many antioxidants and are very beneficial for our health. They can be consumed alone, as part of fruit salad, in various smoothies etc.

Cucumber Health Benefits

cucumbers-hb-m2cucumbers-hb-mCucumber health benefits are numerous - they are very low calorie vegetable often used in salads, fresh or pickled, they help keep body hydrated, give us feeling of fulness (great for diets), they balance pH of human body etc. Health benefits of cucumbers give us plenty of reasons to include them in a healthy, well balanced diet.

Tangerine Health Benefits

tangerinesTangerines are very tasty and refreshing fruits. They can be eaten alone or in combination with other fruits in salads. They are rich in vitamin C and other antioxidants and help improve health in several ways ...

Celery Health Benefits

celery-health-benefits-mCelery is one of the relatively neglected herbs with numerous health benefits - it lowers blood pressure, it is loaded with numerous antioxidants, vitamins, some minerals. It helps fight various cancers and helps improve overall health in general.

Strawberries Health Benefits

 strawberries-health-benefits-mStrawberries are one of the healthiest fruits available - they are very rich in vitamin C, soluble and insoluble fibers, various antioxidant compounds, potassium etc. Strawberries are consumed fresh, frozen, in various jellies, juices, smoothies etc. They are the best and healthiest if consumed fresh ...

Cabbage Soup Health Benefits

cabbage soup health benefitsCabbage soup is a meal based on cabbage, of course. When mentioned, many people think of cabbage soup diet and eating this soup all day long, 7 days in the row. Cabbage soup is much more than that ...

Parsley Health Benefits

parsley health benefitsParsley is very often used as seasoning and spice in many recipes, especially with fish and meat, where parsley enhance the flavor and aroma. But, parsley has many other health benefits, often not known to many people ....

Pineapple Health Benefits

pineapple-1mpineapple-2mPineapple is very popular fruit which can be found fresh, canned or in the form of juice. As with many other foods, the best way to consume it, is in fresh form.

Swimming Health Benefits

swimming-hb-1mswimming-hb-2mHealth benefits of swimming are numerous - it is great exercise for anybody wanting to become and stay fit regardless of gender or age. It is often recommended as physical activity for therapeutic purposes after surgeries, for overweight people etc.

Health Benefits of Slow Digesting Bedtime Protein Shakes - Protein Shake Before Bed

blueberry-banana-smoothie-mBefore going to sleep, one needs slow digesting meal consisting of slow digesting protein sources, healthy fats and various fiber sources. It is not always possible to have such meal nor time to cook it - that is where casein based MRPs come to play.

Cycling Health Benefits - Cycling for Fitness and Weight Loss

cycling-health-benefits-mCycling health benefits are numerous - increased calorie consumption, fat loss, stronger cardiovascular system etc. Cycling can be done indoors using stationary bike or stationary bike stand, or outdoors using various bikes for various surfaces and other conditions ...

Whey Protein Health Benefits

whey protein health benefitsWhey protein is one of the most often used sport supplements. If used properly, whey protein promotes muscle and other body tissues regeneration by providing necessary building blocks in the form of essential and non-essential amino acids.

Apricot Health Benefits

apricot health benefitsApricots are great tasting, seasonal fruit that have numerous health benefits and when available, especially fresh, home grown in the backyard, should be part of any healthy, well balanced diet.

Lemon Health Benefits

lemon-heath-benefits-mlemon-heath-benefits2mHealth Benefits of lemon, lemon peel, lemon juice and lemon water are numerous. They can boost energy levels, promote health and overall wellbeing etc. However, people are for some reason not using this citrus fruit as often as they should ...

Peas Health Benefits

peas health benefitsPeas are simple and year long available vegetable, that is often neglected with no reason. It can be found fresh, fresh frozen or canned. Fresh peas are the best and have best taste, but canned ones can be consumed in seconds.

Couscous Health Benefits

couscous mCouscous is kind of food made of small granules of semolina or whole-wheat flour. Couscous may be used as a replacement for whole-wheat pasta or brown rice. Exact content of couscous vary depending on the ingredients, but incorporating couscous in everyday nutrition can have certain health benefits ...

Cherries Health Benefits

cherries mCherries are very tasty and refreshing fruits. They can be eaten alone or in combination with other fruits in salads, but personally, I eat them alone. They are very high in vitamins, minerals and fibers and can benefit you in many ways ...

Garlic Health Benefits

garlic health benefits mHealth benefits of garlic are numerous and it is hard to mention them all in a single article. Cooked garlic has many benefits, not as much as raw one, but it doesn't have such a strong odor.

Rice Health Benefits

rice health benefits mRice is main ingredient of many recipes and it is widely used around the globe. Health benefits of rice depends on type used - white rice or brown rice, sometimes called whole grain rice.