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Recommended and Cheat Meals - Carbohydrate Cycling Diet

bbq-squids-2mCheat meals or even cheat days are meals/days when you consume food that is not strictly calorie restricted. Cheat meals/days can be once a week or any time you have High Carb Day. Since Carbohydrate Cycling Diet is practically a life style for many endomorphs, importance of cheat days and meals is even more emphasized – it gives you possibility to relax a little bit by enjoying foods you would normally avoid.

When having cheat meal or cheat day, you must not binge as if there is no tomorrow – what would be purpose of being hungry rest of the days, if we consume 10.000 kcal on a single day? Therefore it is better to relax a diet little bit on High Carb Days and enjoy some food. To make 'damage' as less as possible, good practice is to have P+C meal as last solid meal before gym or track workout, have usual Post Workout Meal (PWM) shake after workout and then again P+C meal as first solid meal after workout. Rests of the meals are P+F meals.

This way we promote fat loss, muscle building and regeneration. Again, don't knock yourself down with food when you have urge to eat something – portion control, meal content and proper and regular workouts are keys to go from 30+ bf% to sub 10% body fat. And it doesn't happen overnight.

Peas, Cheese and Pasta SaladExamples of acceptable protein + carbs meals:
- any lean fish or meat with Potato Salad as side dish
Examples of acceptable protein + fats meals:

Feel free to check Recipes pages for various quick (and sometimes not so quick) and healthy meals.

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