Mediterranean Diet 101

Introduction to Carb Cycling Diet

Carbohydrate Cycling Diet, or for shorter, Carb Cycling Diet is type of diet where amounts of carbs and calories in general are varied from day to day.

Carb Cycling Diet is in general very similar to Weight Loss Liquid Diet in terms of calories, macronutrient content and number of meals – Weight Loss Liquid Diet uses liquid meals with weekly/daily cheat meal being healthy solid meal, while Carb Cycling Diet uses normal healthy solid meals with content and portion control in mind.

High Protein, Low Carb Diet

Carb Cycling Diet has every element of typical high protein, low carb diet, especially on low and medium carbs days.

High amounts of proteins are required to preserve muscles, to stimulate and promote muscle repair and recovery after workouts, to keep energy levels high etc.

By varying amounts of carbs, one varies energy/calorie intake, thus keeping body fueled (up to a point) and stimulating fat loss.

Fats are required for body to operate normally, just keep in mind that one should be focused on healthy fats.

Note: generally, human body requires one third of saturated fats, one third of monounsaturated fats and one third of polyunsaturated fats. During diet, daily fat intake should be around one third and one half grams of bodyweight in kilograms - for example, 100kg (220 pounds) athlete should consume at least 30g of fats, preferably 50g of fats per day. If your daily calorie intake allows, feel free to consume 10-20g of healthy fats more, just don't do that regularly.

Losing Fat Problem

In order to lose fat, you have to burn more calories than you are eating. To burn more calories, you have to lower your food intake and accelerate your metabolism and increase energy consumption in general. Since our bodies are made for survival, if we starve our bodies, they will slow down metabolism and try to save body fat for 'rainy days' – by sacrificing muscles. This is not what we want.

Building Muscles Problem

In order to build new muscles, body must have reason to keep current muscles and even more reasons to build new and stronger muscles. With various exercises, we are sending signals to the body that we want it to:

- Keep current muscles, regardless of muscle fiber types
- Build new muscles, regardless of muscle fiber types
- Make all those muscles even stronger that they are now

To build new muscles, you need to eat more calories than you burn, which is opposite what we have to do in order to lose fat.

Losing Fat and Building Muscles at the Same Time

It is possible to lose fat and build muscles at the same time, without going on mass cycle and then going on very restricted diets hoping that we will not lose all muscles we have gained.

Solution is simple – around workouts we have to eat more than we consume and thus create very anabolic environment in our bodies that will promote muscle building and regeneration. On non-training days, we eat less than we burn and thus promote body fat burning conditions.

To trick the body, plan is to eat more often smaller meals with increased protein content. Thus, body will be getting food more often and nitrogen balance will be kept without sacrificing precious muscles. Calorie needs on low calorie and low carbs days will be compensated using body fat.

This is in theory, of course – in praxis, body will always on training and high calorie and high carbs days both build muscles and store some fat and on low calorie and low carbs days burn both fat and muscles.

Great thing about Carbs Cycling Diet is that we can achieve, relatively easily, that in general we lose fat and gain muscles – it takes discipline, workouts, proper nutrition and plenty of rest.

Carb Cycling Diet Duration

Carb cycling diet should be life style for any endomorph wanting to keep his body fat percentage (bf%) around or under 10% (visible Flat Six Pack Abs). Since gaining muscles for endomorphs is no problem, keeping fat under control should be number one goal.

Mesomorphs should use Carb Cycling Diet as general nutrition system, with lowering their calorie intake when trying to lower bf%. Changing calories should be done gradually under desired goals are achieved.

Ectomorphs should use Carb Cycling Diet as a fast way to lose fat and preserve gained muscles. If used as life style, both mesomorphs and ectomorphs should increase number of their medium or even high carb days.

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