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Walking for the Weight Loss - Calories Burned Walking

Walking is excellent, but often underestimated physical activity that can help people a large number of calories over a certain period of time.

Walking doesn't require any special equipment - good and comfortable (walking) shoes, comfortable clothes, some time to spare, and some goodwill ...

Published: May 10, 2021.

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Benefits of Walking

As a physical exercise, walking has many benefits, including:

- no need to learn new skills,

- low impact exercise, with the minimum additional stress on hips, knees, and ankles,

- low to moderate-intensity exercise, with the minimum stress on muscles and tendons,

- can be done for a longer period of time, day after day, etc.

Also, calories burned walking quickly adds up - some people walk, for example, 30 minutes in the morning, 20 minutes in the afternoon, and 40 minutes in the evening, which is 90 minutes of walking for that day. And if one manages to walk several days per week, calories get burned on the regular basis.

The following chart lists calories burned when walking, running, swimming, and doing other sports and physical activities:

Type of Activity

Calories Burned per Hour per KG of Body Weight

Aerobics, general 6.5
Aerobics, low impact 5.0
Aerobics, high impact 7.0
Aerobics, step aerobics 8.5
Aerobics, instructing class 6.0
Aerobics, water aerobics 4.0
Archery 3.5
Backpacking, hiking with a backpack 7.0
Badminton 4.5
Ballet, twist, jazz, tap 4.5
Ballroom dancing, slow 3.0
Ballroom dancing, fast 5.5
Basketball, competitive game 8.0
Basketball, non game playing 6.0
Basketball, shooting baskets 4.5
Billiards 2.5
Body building, weight lifting, light workout 3.0
Body building, weight lifting, vigorous 6.0
Boxing, ring 12.0
Boxing, punching bag 6.0
Boxing, sparring 9.0
Bowling 3.0
Calisthenics, light 3.5
Calisthenics, vigorous, situps, pushups ... 8.0
Canoeing, camping trip 4.0
Canoeing, rowing, light 3.0
Canoeing, rowing, moderate 7.0
Canoeing, rowing, vigorous 12.0
Carrying infant, level ground 3.5
Carrying infant, upstairs 5.0
Carrying 7 - 11 kg, upstairs 6.0
Carrying 11 - 22 kg, upstairs 8.0
Carrying small children, level ground 4.0
Climbing hills, carrying up to 4 kg 7.0
Climbing hills, carrying 4.5 - 9 kg 7.5
Climbing hills, carrying 9.5 - 19 kg 8.0
Climbing hills, carrying more than 19 kg 9.0
Circuit training, minimal rest 8.0
Cricket 5.0
Cross country snow skiing, slow 7.0
Cross country snow skiing, moderate 8.0
Cross country snow skiing, vigorous 9.0
Cross country snow skiing, racing 14.0
Cross country snow skiing, uphill 16.5
Curling 4.0
Cycling, mountain bike, bmx 8.5
Cycling, < 16 km/h, leisure bicycling 4.0
Cycling, 16 - 19 km/h, light 6.0
Cycling, 19 - 22 km/h, moderate 8.0
Cycling, 22 - 25 km/h, vigorous 10.0
Cycling, 25 - 30 km/h, very fast, racing 12.0
Cycling, > 30 km/h, racing 16.0
Cycling, stationary, very light 3.0
Cycling, stationary, light 5.5
Cycling, stationary, moderate 7.0
Cycling, stationary, vigorous 10.5
Cycling, stationary, very vigorous 12.5
Darts 2.5
Fencing 6.0
Football, competitive match 9.0
Football, general 8.0
Frisbee, general playing 3.0
Frisbee, ultimate frisbee 8.0
Gardening, general 4.0
Gardening, cultivating, weeding 4.5
General housework 3.5
Golf, general 4.5
Golf, walking and carrying clubs 4.5
Golf, miniature golf 3.0
Golf, using power cart 3.5
Gymnastics 4.0
Handball, team 8.0
Hiking, cross country 6.0
Hockey, field hockey 8.0
Hockey, ice hockey 8.0
Horseback riding, general 4.0
Horseback riding, saddling a horse 3.5
Horseback riding, grooming a horse 3.5
Horseback riding, trotting 6.5
Horseback riding, walking 2.5
Horseback riding, galloping 8.0
Ice skating, < 15 km/h 5.5
Ice skating, moderate 7.0
Ice skating, fast 9.0
Ice skating, competitive 15.0
Jumping rope, fast 12.0
Jumping rope, moderate 10.0
Jumping rope, slow 8.0
Kayaking 5.0
Lacrosse 8.0
Loading / unloading car 3.0
Marching, military style, rapid 6.5
Martial Arts 10.0
Mowing lawn, walk, power mower 5.5
Mowing lawn, riding mower 2.5
Paddleball, playing 6.0
Paddleball, competitive match 10.0
Playing with children, standing, light 2.8
Playing with children, walk, run, moderate 4.0
Playing with children, walk, run, vigorous 5.0
Polo 8.0
Rock climbing, ascending rock 11.0
Rock climbing, rappelling 8.0
Rollerblading, in-line skating 12.0
Roller skating 7.0
Rowing machine, light 3.5
Rowing machine, moderate 7.0
Rowing machine, vigorous 8.5
Rowing machine, very vigorous 12.0
Rugby 10.0
Running, 8 km/h (12 minutes per mile) 8.0
Running, 10 km/h (10 minutes per mile) 10.0
Running, 12 km/h (8 minutes per mile) 12.5
Running, 16 km/h (6 minutes per mile) 16.0
Running, cross country 9.0
Running, general 8.0
Running, upstairs 15.0
Skateboarding 5.0
Ski machine 7.0
Sky diving 3.0
Snow shoveling 8.0
Soccer, competitive match 10.0
Soccer, playing 7.0
Softball, general 5.0
Softball, pitching 6.0
Squash 12.0
Stair machine 9.0
Stretching, hatha yoga 4.0
Stretching, mild 2.5
Swimming, freestyle, fast 10.0
Swimming, freestyle, slow 7.0
Swimming, backstroke 7.0
Swimming, breaststroke 10.0
Swimming, leisurely 6.0
Swimming, sidestroke 8.0
Table tennis, ping-pong 4.0
Tai chi chuan 4.0
Tennis, playing 7.0
Tennis, doubles 6.0
Tennis, singles 8.0
Track and field (shot, discus) 4.0
Track and field (high jump, pole vault) 6.0
Track and field (hurdles) 10.0
Trampoline 3.5
Volleyball, beach 8.0
Volleyball, competitive 8.0
Volleyball, playing 3.0
Walking downstairs 3.0
Walking, under 3.0 km/h, very slow 2.0
Walking, 3.0 km/h, slow 2.5
Walking, 4.0 km/h 3.0
Walking, 5.0 km/h, moderate 3.5
Walking, 6.0 km/h, brisk pace 4.2
Walking, 6.0 km/h, uphill 6.0
Walking, 7.0 km/h 6.3
Water jogging 8.0
Water polo 10.0
Wrestling 6.0

Calculating burned calories is very simple:

E (kcal) = M (kg) * T (hr) * Co (kcal/kghr)

Where E (kcal) is energy burned given in calories, M (kg) is the weight of the person doing certain activity given in kilograms, T (hr) is the weight of the person and Co (kcal/kghr) is activity coefficient.

For example, 220 pounds (100kg) person that walks 5.0 km/h for 90 minutes, burns:

E (kcal) = 100 kg * 1.5 hours * 3.5 = 525 kcal

If such person walks every day for a month, that is:

E (kcal) = 30 days * 525 kcal = 15750 kcal per month

In order to lose one kilogram of fats, one has to burn 9000 kcal, but in order to lose one kilogram of fatty tissue, one has to burn 7500 kcal.

Thus, if a 100kg person manages to walk 90 minutes at a 5.0 km/h pace for a whole month, that person will lose:

M = 15750 kcal / 7500 (kcal/kg) = 2.1 kg = ~4.65 pounds

So, if You are 220 pounds (100kg) heavy person, You can easily lose almost 5 pounds per month by just walking 90 minutes per day at a moderate pace, with almost no additional stress on muscles and joints.

But, not only that your weight will go down, your stamina will go up, just like overall wellbeing.

For short, walking as the exercise activity is neglected - when You have time to walk, go out and walk. And if You can't go out to walk, get yourself a good walking treadmill and walk in the privacy of your home even if the weather is bad outside.

Walking treadmills are sturdy treadmills that feature somewhat limited maximum belt speed, but they often support users up to 400 pounds (~181 kg), have different walking programs, tend to be quieter than running treadmill, with more expensive models even supporting interactive walking and running (Google Maps support, iFit compatible, etc.).

Walking outside and walking inside using a walking treadmill is a low-impact exercise that helps kids, adults, and even elderly people lose plenty of calories.

Note: when kids and elderly people use treadmills and similar exercise machines, supervision by adults is a must-have, especially for kids.

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Long Story Short: even if You don't have issues with joints and sore muscles, walking can help you burn some extra calories.

Although one gets six-pack abs in the kitchen and NOT while exercising, burning a few hundred calories extra each day can be very beneficial and can lead to significant fat loss over a longer period of time.

For short - walk outside, walk at home... But also, be sure to keep your calorie intake in check ...

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