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Proper Nutrition on the Run

If You are constantly on the run and have very little free time to spare for cooking, for preparing meals, for shopping for groceries, and similar, all is not lost. Planning and proper organization are the keys to healthy nutrition even when being a very busy person.

Before diving a little bit deeper, let's explain few important details about human body types, nutrient requirements, and similar.

Published: May 19, 2021.

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Body Types

People differ from each other regarding body types. Some of them are ectomorphs, some are mesomorphs, some endomorphs with other body types that come in between these three: ecto-meso, meso-endo and endo-ecto. They all have strengths and weaknesses of main body types:

- ectomorphs have a fast metabolism, have problems gaining muscles and fats, bad muscle memory,

- mesomorphs have a medium-fast metabolism, gain muscles easily, moderate muscle memory,

- endomorphs have a slow metabolism, gain both fat and muscles easily with the best muscle memory,

No matter what your body type is, eat more often, smaller-sized meals, with no junk food. There are few rules that you have to keep in mind:

- if endomorph and want to lose weight, go low on calories - diet for life,

- if ectomorph and want to gain weight, go for muscle gain and eat cleanly. Being ectomorph gives you the opportunity to eat junk food from time to time, but don't overdo it - with decades, even ectomorph's metabolism slows down,

- if mesomorph eats cleanly and don't bother about calories.

Note: The author of this article is an endomorph - may the force be with us when dieting ;)

Regardless of your body type, type, and frequency of your workouts, other life habits, knowing your body type can significantly help with organizing proper nutrition.

Planning Ahead

To organize your nutrition with little time to spare you must always plan ahead. Don't find yourself in a situation that you are hungry and have nothing proper to eat - if that happens, eat whatever you can find - even some fast food - just be sure to stay away as much as possible from fast carbs and bad fats. It is better to eat something than starve the body.

When going shopping, don't go hungry. And when you shop for groceries, buy according to your nutrition plan few days ahead. Don't buy sweets or anything similar - if you buy them, you will eat them sooner or later.

When cooking, always prepare enough food for few meals. Prepared meat, for example, can be kept in the fridge for tomorrow.

mussels pasta recipe mAlso, choose recipes that don't require hours to make - there are plenty of tasty and healthy recipes that require maybe 10 - 15 minutes of active time in the kitchen.

Choose kitchen appliances for cooking that have timers. Practically all steam cookers have timers and they can prepare any frozen vegetable, lean cuts of meat, fish, or eggs in less than 30 minutes - with maybe a minute or two needed to put all that food in a steamer and maybe a minute or two needed to clean everything after cooking.

If you are on the run, then consider buying Meal Replacement Powders (MRPs). They are protein powder blends with high content of protein and some carbs, fats, and fibers. Their content varies, so please read the labels. Good thing is that most of the supplement companies also produce sample packs, so before buying larger containers, try the samples first.

Protein and meal replacement bars are the most expensive options on the run, but they are ready-made meals providing the body with needed nutrients.

The price and quality of protein bars vary, so please, read labels. They are even more convenient than MRPs because all you need is to open the wrapper and eat your bar. Since nutrient needs do vary from person to person, choose your bars according to your personal needs.

If you are vegan, there are MRPs just for vegans. These MRPs are more expensive than regular MRPs, but they are very good for increasing protein intake in vegan nutrition. Also if you are intolerant to lactose, shellfish, crabs, and similar, there are MRPs that are strictly made with no such ingredients.

But, in the end, no matter how good supplements are, the real food is the real food.

Canned food, especially canned sardines, wild salmon, tuna, and other similar fish canned in water, provide valuable proteins, healthy fats, and some vitamins and minerals.

On the other hand, canned fish can contain mercury, so be sure to go for canned sardines and other fish that are low in the food chain, or go for larger fish and cuts of meat where mercury levels are low.

Note: canned fish should have labels with the amount of mercury. If not, go for canned sardines.

Obviously, there are many ways to organize proper nutrition for the people on the run. What you need is some free time and plenty of motivation to do it day after day. Let the mirror and weight scale show you if you are doing things well...

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