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Gym Workouts and Bulky Muscles - Myth for Women and Men

universal-power-pak-445-adjustable-dumbbells-1mMany people avoid gyms and gym workouts because they are afraid of bulky muscles. Especially ladies don't want to show off on the beach with 'those bulky' muscles.

People think that they will go to the gym and bulk up tens of kilograms of muscles in no time. Well, fear no more, because that won't happen.

Gym and other workouts and sports will help you preserve your muscles and maybe gain some of them. But gaining muscles is not easy thing to do and it doesn't happen overnight. Proper nutrition is also important - we are what we eat, so all calories are not all the same. To lose fat you have to eat less calories then you burn, and to build muscles you have to eat enough protein - building blocks for muscles, but we also have to consume enough of good fats, complex carbs, fibers, vitamins, minerals...

For ladies, two things are very important. Actually these two things are important for both women and men, but for ladies they are especially important. First is amount of muscles and second is a healthy skin with fat layer under skin.

fried prawnsFirst thing first - ladies have less testosterone then men, so they build muscles much harder. No need to have any fear of 'lumps of muscles' from gym workouts. It will take plenty of time, self-discipline, effort, sweat etc just to tone your muscles a little bit (but don't get discouraged, on contrary ...). Also, in order to have nicely toned body, skin must be healthy, elastic and firm with thin layer of fat beneath it. This is where proper nutrition comes to play - you need lots of healthy fats (omega-3, CLA etc), proteins, Zn, Mg and other minerals and vitamins. When I say 'lots of healthy fats', that means, for 60 kg female with moderate workout sessions, maybe max of 40-50 grams of fat a day (more or less depending on body type, activity, age etc) - mostly from fish, nuts, fish oils, olive oils and similar sources. Again, don't be afraid of losing too much fat - this is continuous process that can be easily tweaked over time - and it is not easy to achieve level of leanness for muscles to be visible.

Also, there are plenty of creams and cosmetic oils that are applied directly to the skin and that (according to the commercials) help skin health - and young and elastic skin is really sign of youth and health.

Lowering body fat with healthier skin and toned muscles will make trunk physically slender and area between hips and chests visibly longer - good news is that this makes toned abs visible. Also, lower fat levels in legs and arms will make legs and arms look longer and toned. If you have problematic calves, some supplemental workouts are needed - this can and should be done with any problematic body part.

On the other side, women have - cellulite. No matter what you do, if you are 30-35+ year old woman (sorry, 30-35+ young woman :o)), you are going to have it. Good news is that it will not be as nearly visible on toned body as on body that heaviest thing lifted is a TV remote or computer mouse supported by muscles burning some kind of junk food...

When you start to go to the gym and when you manage to take control of your nutrition, you will start to lose fat (up to the certain point of course) and gain muscles (up to the certain point, again). After losing for example 5 kg of fat and gaining 2-3 kg of muscles, when you look at yourself in the mirror, you will appear to yourself bigger than before (assuming that your muscles are finally starting to see under skin and fat), but your weight scale will tell you something else :)

Our bodies are made for survival and they will rather store fat for rainy days than muscles for beach days. It takes long time and lots of efforts to trick the body to lose fat and gain muscles.

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