Mediterranean Diet 101

Supplements on Mediterranean Diet

Mediterranean cuisine is rich in all macro and micro nutrients that human body needs to function perfectly, athletes included. But, in modern world, we don't always have time for shopping and cooking the way we want - that is when supplements come to play ...

I have mentioned many times that food rules and that real food is real food. After all, what would you prefer to eat on a daily basis:

flax-mrp-shake-mMilled flax seeds with Meal Replacement Powder represents full meal. Depending on the MRP, can be used for breakfast, for daily shakes and for bed-time shakes.


fish-stew-recipe-2-mFish stew recipe is one of my favorite fish recipes. It is very tasty, can be made relatively quickly and depending on side dish, can be even low calorie meal. But, most often, it is one of my cheat meals.

I don't know about you, but I choose fish :)

Anyway, supplements are great and should be used, even if you are on a Mediterranean Diet (and cycling carbs) for life.

Whey Protein Benefits and Side Effects

un-prostar-whey-mThere is a ongoing debate if whey protein powder is supplement or food. I consider it as food - whey protein powder is obtained from liquid whey using various processes. It is highly processed food, but so is sugar, white rice, corn syrup (not to mention GMO) etc. There are, of course, those that say that whey protein is supplement and nothing more and they are not totally wrong.

Anyway, whey protein in powdered form is relatively cheap source of fast digesting protein with high BV and PDCAAS. It is best used around workouts, with fast carbs, BCAA, glutamine, creatine and similar powders to provide more energy and promote repair and regeneration after workouts.

Also, it can be used for various shakes (breakfasts, daily snacks) with foods that slow down digestion of whey protein: fruits, low fat or cottage cheese, oats etc.

Note: no matter what supplement companies claim, don't take whey protein alone during the day - it will digest quickly and make you hungry even more. This will just empty your pocket more quickly.

Need protein powder that is not so quickly digested? Take Meal Replacement Powder (MRP).

 Meal Replacement Powders

on-casein-mThese powders are just what their name says - powders that are mixed with water, milk, juice or any suitable liquid and when consumed, they replace single meal.

Their protein content comes usually from whey proteins, casein protein, milk isolate protein (casein-whey mix), egg protein, vegetable proteins etc). Cheaper MRPs are usually based on whey protein (read labels!) and they are digested faster than protein powders based on casein. Pure casein powder is digested slowly and can be used even for bedtime protein shakes.

Beside protein powder, some MRPs have complex carbohydrates and healthy fats added with varying amount of digestive fibers.

Vitamin and mineral content vary from MRP to MRP - again read labels.

Which MRP suite you, depends on your preferences - if you need some good all round MRP that can be used even after workouts (whey + fast carbs are better, remember that!), than choose some whey based MRP. If you need slow digesting MRP, choose one based on casein protein or pure casein protein.

Personally, I use both whey protein for PWM and MRPs as meal replacements or for various smoothies (with low fat or cottage cheese, fruits, milled flax seeds etc).

Dieting Pills

universal-animal-cuts-mIf you are trying to lose weight, then you have probably tried some kind of these pills. And if your diet was OK and you worked out, you probably lost weight, preferably fats and not muscles. But if your diet was not OK (to say the least) and your workouts were in the range of sitting on the couch and watching TV, than you lost nothing, except maybe some muscles :)

Bottom line - these pills can help you feel more energetic when on low calorie diet, can help you burn more calories, can make you feel less hungry, but without proper diet and workout program, they are WASTE OF MONEY!!!

 Multivitamin, Multimineral, Omega-3, CLA ...

Multivitamin, multimineral, omega-3, CLA, joint support etc pills, powders and/or liquids are supplements that can be used even on Mediterranean Diet; but if you do eat foods suitable for Mediterranean Diet, then you are for sure consuming more than enough vitamins, minerals and healthy fats to promote health and wellbeing.

If you have problems with joints, abundance of minerals, vitamins, healthy fats and other compounds that promote joint health, can help you in healing those joints and keeping them healthy. Anyway, taking joint support supplements can help even further, but don't expect miracles over night when trying to heal joints.

Also, there are other supplements around not used so often, but these are the ones used most often. Enjoy Mediterranean cuisine and take supplements if you really need them ...

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