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Mediterranean Diet Recipes

fish-stew-recipe-2-7Recipes for Mediterranean Diet are recipes made using foods appropriate for Mediterranean cuisine. This diet regime don't have to be hypocaloric, but nevertheless Mediterranean Diet is one of the healthiest diets for weight management, fat loss included.

It never stops to amaze me how people on word 'diet' react as if it is some kind of suffering or something painful or ... If you want to lose weight, OK, you have to change few things in your life, but that doesn't mean eating boring food day after day. In Mediterranean cuisine there are so many interesting foods not often found on our menus. And using proper spices and herbs make such meals even tastier - just be careful about the amounts ...

Mediterranean Diet Food List lists foods and explain the importance of each group. Quick reminder of each group:

- green and leafy vegetables and salads
- fruits
- beans and legumes
- various nuts
- grains
- olive oil
- dairy products
- fish
- poultry
- red meat
- herbs and spices
- other foods and beverages

md-meal-10For full list of quick and healthy (and some not so quick and healthy) recipes, check our Recipes page. Have in mind that:

- your macronutrients must be around your planned daily amounts,

- if you combine green and leafy vegetables and salads with various fresh fruits you don't have to worry about most of the micronutrients (vitamins, minerals, antioxidants etc.)

- if you have fast metabolism, feel free to increase amounts of foods like potatoes, whole grains, various nuts and legumes etc. These foods also contain valuable plant protein and many of needed vitamins, minerals, fibers etc.

- combining plant and animal protein sources provide good source of protein, even for physically active athletes

- extra virgin olive oil contains numerous healthy fats, but it doesn't contain omega-3. Combine it with fish and you have great food combination.

- human body needs approximately one third of saturated fats, one third of monounsaturated fats and one third of polyunsaturated fats - feel free to enjoy various nuts, fatty fish, even butter made from grass fed cow milk. Just watch out for the amounts.

- red meat is not eaten often, but since you eat plenty of fish, organic egg or two every day, dairy and poultry, you will not be deficient on nutrients not found in plants (like B12 vitamin)

Easy Mediterranean Diet Recipes

Few easy recipes more than suitable as snacks or main course meals are:

salmon-fillets-zucchini-mGrilled salmon fillets with vegetables (zucchini) is one of the best meals for anybody wanting low calorie, protein rich meal. Fats are moderate, but this fat comes from one of the best sources - salmon.

This meal is suitable as main course even on Low Carb Mediterranean Diet. Keep in mind that fish is, even relatively fatty fish like salmon, digested fast, so feel free to increase amounts of vegetables. Extra virgin olive oil should be used, but only single tablespoon - single tablespoon of olive oil still has 15g of oil/fats and that is additional 135 kcal.

Use lemon juice for flavor as much as you like it ...

mussels-pasta-recipe-mMussels pasta recipe is quick and relatively easy recipe to make. Cooking frozen mussels is practically the same as cooking fresh mussels - fresh mussels taste better, but frozen ones are available all year long ...

Mussels are another great source of omega-3 and other essential fats - combined with olive oil and lemon juice they have fantastic taste and aroma.

If you need complex carbs (you are ectomorph or you need energy for some physical activity) make this meal with whole grain pasta and vegetables (peas in this example). Otherwise, mussels and vegetables with some olive oil are also great combination :o)

fish stew-mFish stew recipes are one of my favorite fish recipes. It is very tasty, can be made relatively quickly and depending on side dish, can be even low calorie meal. But, most often, it is one of my cheat meals.

blueberry-kiwi-smoothie-mBlueberry kiwi smoothie is fast and easy snack to make. Blueberry and kiwi provide ample of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants, while low fat or cottage cheese provide us with slow digesting protein for prolonged feeling of fulness.

This smoothie is also great for breakfasts. During summer, before eating it, keep it in the freezer some 30 minutes and eat it with spoon like ice-cream.

Delicacy, what else to say ...

bedtime protein shakeBedtime protein shake and smoothie are made of slow digesting protein powder and low fat or cottage cheese. Adding other ingredients improves taste and content regarding healthy fats and fibers. Healthy bedtime snacks are healthy foods that make you full and satiated for long period of time.

Usage of protein powder is not required, of course. To increase amounts of micronutrients, you can add even fruits, but personally, I don't like fruits for the bedtime meals. If you need more taste, add some dark chocolate powder, with standard warning - watch out amounts of your macros ...

jap-quail-egg-salad-mJapanese quail eggs and pasta salad is main course type of salad - it can be great daily snack or even full meal. This salad is quick and easy meal to make - and very healthy. Of course, you are using whole grain pasta.

Everything is great about this salad, except one thing - peeling off those tiny little eggs ...

 Mediterranean Diet Meal Plan

md-meal9Arranging individual meals into the all day meal plan is easy, although it depends on many things. For example, here is one menu plan for someone not willing to cook much, but want to eat according to Mediterranean Diet:

08:00 Quick smoothie, for example, Mixed Berries Smoothie - yes, I like berries in my smoothies :o)

11:00 Fruit salad or some fruits like apricots, an apple, berries etc.

12:00 Canned Salmon Sandwich, made at home in few minutes

15:00 Again, fruit snack - no bananas and no fruits of that kind - cherries, orange, tangerine, pomegranate or similar

16:00 Fish or poultry with plenty of steamed vegetables, tablespoon of olive oil, lemon juice as you please. Since one must cook at least a little bit, when cooking, be sure to make foods for several meals.

20:00 Same as 16:00 meal, just eat less meat/fish, add some (for example, 150g) cottage cheese, tablespoon of olive oil (if it fit your macronutrient plan); as desert, eat 6-7 almonds or similar nuts.

If you go to sleep very late, have late meal composed of cottage cheese and few nuts (walnuts, hazelnuts, almonds etc) - this meal should be small, but it has to be digested very slowly.

This very simple Mediterranean Diet meal plan can be prepared by person not very skilled in cooking foods. But if you like to cook, than only the sky is the limit - and your aimed daily amounts of macronutrients.

For more plans, check Healthy Meal Plans page.

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