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Mediterranean Diet Breakfast

mixed-berries-mBreakfast is one of the most important meals during the day. After sleeping, body needs nutrients for physical and mental activities ahead of us. Proper breakfast ensures that we have enough energy, not only in the first part of the day. Same is when we eat according to Mediterranean Diet.

Mediterranean Diet Breakfast Foods

Breakfasts should be made quickly and easily, while we are still half sleeping around :o)

List of foods for breakfast on Mediterranean Diet is practically the same as the List of Foods on Mediterranean Diet, just limited to no or almost no cooking.

 Mediterranean Diet Breakfast Ideas

If you are on a Mediterranean Diet as a lifestyle, then whatever you have in the fridge or in the kitchen is food suitable for Mediterranean Diet. More or less.

Anyway, good breakfast meal depends on the person who is eating it. It is not the same if we talking about kids going to school or pregnant women or ectomorph wanting to gain weight (muscles!) of endomorph trying to lose some weight (fats!).

Following recipes are general recipes and you should consider adjusting them to your needs and preferences.

Mediterranean Diet Breakfast Recipes

First of all, when eating fruits, you can eat your fruits after mail meal (not only for breakfasts), with main meal, or preferably some 30-45 minutes before main meal. It is little bit harder for breakfast to eat fruits and then wait some 30 minutes for the main course. If you are preparing/cooking your breakfast, this should not be a problem. If you are eating your breakfast 'on the run' enjoy your fruits with your main course or right after it.

OK, let's eat :o)

Oatmeal Pancake Recipe - Healthy Pancake Recipe

healthy-pancakes-mIt takes some time to prepare this meal, but good things is that you can make them in the evening and leave them in the fridge over night. Grab 1-2 of these with fruits and you are ready to go. Just be sure to use whole omega-3 eggs (organic eggs or whatever they are called these days) and egg whites from 'ordinary' eggs.

Two pancakes have around 30g of protein, 28g of complex carbs, 10g of fats and 2-3g of fibers. If you eat some 200g of blackberries (additional 2g of protein, 15g of carbs, 2g of fats and 6g of fibers) with your pancakes, you are having meal with around:

almonds-m- 32g of protein

- 43g of carbs

- 12g of fats

- 8g of fibers

for total of around 410 kcal. Protein comes from cottage cheese, eggs and oats, carbohydrates are from oats and blackberries and fats are from omega-3 eggs and some from other foods. Fiber content is excellent - around one third to one quarter of recommended daily amount. Antioxidants, vitamins and minerals - oats, omega-3 eggs, blackberries, cottage cheese ... needless to say anything more, right?

Some people consider this meal to 'thin', so they add few almonds, but really just a few of them (5-6). Almonds and nuts in general are rich in antioxidants, some vitamin and minerals, healthy fats - but they are also very energy rich, so be careful about them.

 Hake Fillets Sandwich

fried-hake-filletsThere are many things I like about fried hake fillets: they are very protein rich, have no carbs, they are easily made (with or without any oil) and they are always available (fresh or frozen). Taste could be better - I prefer wild fresh fish, so maybe I am not the best person to judge about frozen fish taste. Anyway, one of the best things is that fried hake fillet can stay over night in the fridge and be used for quick and healthy sandwich in the morning.

Sandwich is prepared easily. Take two slices of whole grain bread, put the hake fillet between them and eat it with a tomato. If that is complicated, then ... To make meal taste better, add few drops of lemon on the fillet. After sandwich, to increase vitamin and mineral content, eat some fruit - few apricots or an apple or few figs ...

Nutritional content of ingredients:

Food Amount Protein Carbs Fats Fibers
Hake fillets 200g 35g 0g 2g 0g
Whole Grain Bread 100g 8g 40g 2g 6g
Olive oil 5g 0g 0g 5g 0g
Tomato 150g 1g 8g 0g 2g
Apricots 100g 1g 10g 0g 2g
Total: 45g 58g 9g 10g
Calories: 180 kcal 232 kcal 81 kcal
0 kcal

There are around 500 kcal in this meal - some people will think that this is too much for breakfast. It all depends on individual preferences. If you need less macronutrients, decrease total amounts of used ingredients. Some people say that these breakfast recipes contain too much carbohydrates for Mediterranean Diet, but don't forget few things:

- carbohydrates will be decreased in other meals.

- carbohydrates will make you more energetic than energy from fats and protein. Of course, that doesn't mean that you have to knock yourself out with huge amount of carbs in the morning - this would, in fact, have contrary effect since it would slow you down and make you feel sluggish and less energetic.

- if you are on low calorie and low carbohydrates diet, decrease their amount, but don't forget that sources of complex carbs are also very fulfilling foods that will make you satiated for long period of time and they are also loaded with plenty of very useful micronutrients (vitamins, minerals, antioxidants ...)

Blueberry Smoothie Recipe

blueberry-smoothie-mThis is very simple recipe - just put blueberries into the shaker, add some cottage cheese and water and mix everything using hand blender. This meal is loaded with slow digesting protein (casein from cottage cheese), calcium (cottage cheese) and numerous vitamins, minerals and antioxidants (blueberries). It has bitter-sweet taste - I think of it as delicacy and eat it not only for breakfast but also as daily snack.

Drink it and you are ready to go. 

For more recipes suitable for Mediterranean Diet, feel free to check Easy and Healthy Recipes (link opens in the new window). Always have in mind that you need little bit more carbs for breakfast; fats should be increased in other meals, according to your meal plan.

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